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Часто задаваемые вопросы


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C001 [What does BR IFIC mean?]
[BR IFIC is the abbreviation for BR International Frequency Information Circular. It is published once every two weeks by the Radiocommunication Bureau.]
C002 [What does BR IFIC contain?]
[The BR IFIC (Terrestrial services) contains:
  • the International Frequency List (IFL) including all the frequencies prescribed for common use(see RR20.2);
  • the frequency assignment/allotment Plans for terrestrial services; notices under treatment in accordance with Article 11 for updating of the Master Register;
  • notices under treatment pursuant to regional agreements for updating of the Plans;
  • the Special Sections associated with the Regulatory procedures applicable to Terrestrial Services;
  • the TerRaQ program for querying the published information;
  • the TerRaNV program for checking electronic notices;
  • the TerRaNotices program for the creation and validation of electronic notices;
  • the latest version of the Preface in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish in PDF format.
C003 [What do parts 1, 2 and 3 of BR IFIC contain?]
[Part 1 of the Circular is equivalent to "acknowledgement of receipt" of completed notices received under Article 11. Part 2 contains all assignments accepted for inclusion in the Register, i.e. all assignments which have received a favourable finding, plus those which although they have received an unfavourable finding have been included in the Register in accordance with RR 4.4 and 8.4. Part 3 contains all assignments that have not been accepted, i.e. all those that have received an unfavourable finding and have been returned to the notifying administration.]
C004 [What do the special sections of BR IFIC contain? ]
[Special Sections ST61, GE75, RJ81, GE84 and GE89 contain information published under Article 4 of the Regional Agreement in question. They comprise three parts:
  • A: Information on proposed modifications;
  • B: Information on modifications on which agreement has been reached;
  • C: Information on frequency assignments in the Plan which have been cancelled.<\ul> Special Section 9.21/C contains information provided by an administration seeking agreement under the Article 9 procedure, which is published in accordance with 9.38. Special Section 9.21/D contains information on the status of the coordination process upon the expiry of the prescribed period ( 9.52C). ]
C005 [Does one have to install each new issue of BR IFIC?]
[Yes, it is necessary to install each issue of BR IFIC, i.e. every two weeks, in order to have the updates of the Register, the different plans and all notices received in the meantime.]
C006 [How does one consult BR IFIC? ]
[The Circular can be consulted with TerRaQ software. You can either refer to the most recent issue or make a general request covering the whole database.]
C007 [Can one consult the International Frequency Register from BR IFIC?]
[Yes, the International Frequency Register is published every two weeks in the BR IFIC.]
C008 [Can one install the part of the register that is of interest, e.g. the broadcasting service?]
[No, the installation procedure does not allow the BR IFIC user to install only that part of the database that is of interest.]
C009 [We sent the Bureau notices a month ago and have still not had any acknowledgement of receipt?]
[Under RR 11.28, notices are published in part 1 within two months of receipt by BR. Please therefore consult the BR IFIC issues from that period or the corresponding index files at the address: http://www.itu.int/ITU-R/go/brific-ter.]

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