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ITU WRS-10 Sync Application

The ITU WRS-10 Sync Application for Windows* allows you to synchronize WRS-10 documents** from the ITU server to your local drive. It has been configured to access ITU Server and synchronize on demand to the latest published documents.

* The ITU Sync Application works in WindowsŪ 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7.
** WRS-10 published documents include: Contributions (C), Presentations (SP) and Information Documents (INF).

Step 1: Installing the ITU WRS-10 Sync Application from the web
There are two options to install the WRS-10 Sync Application as shown below.

1. WRS10-setup.exe is the recommended option. It is a Windows setup program that installs WRS-10 Menu and Sync program to your local disk (ex. [drive]:\ITU\WRS-10\). It creates a WRS-10 program group and shortcut to desktop

2. WRS10-unzip.exe - is an alternative PC program in case you do not have the right to install applications on your laptop. It unzips the files to your C:\ITU\WRS-10\ drive, or a drive of your choice.

Step 2: Synchronizing (downloading) WRS-10 documents
Starting up ITU WRS-10 Menu
1. Click Start > All Programs > ITU WRS-10 > Launch ITU WRS-10 Menu

WRS-10 Userīs guide Image 1

Synchronizing WRS-10 documents
After the installation, user should run the "Synchronize Documents" in order to download the WRS-10 published documents to their local disk.

1. Click on the "Synchronize Documents" button to download or update the WRS-10 collection of documents on your PC. After a few seconds, the synchronization will begin.

WRS-10 Userīs guide Image 2

1. The first time you use it, it may take a few moments to synchronize all the document.
2. Synchronization is set to run on demand; you may launch it at any time from the menu by clicking on the synchronize button.
3. After a successful synchronization, Allway Sync n Go program will disappear but if it encounters a problem, it will remain open. If you canīt fix the problem, contact the ITU Support team.

Step 3: Accessing ITU WRS-10 documents
1. Click on "Browse Documents" button to show the Documents page. This page will give you access to the documents even if you are not connected to the internet.

WRS-10 Userīs guide Image 3

Trouble-shooting: First time use
1. The first time you use the AlwaySync program, this window may appear. Click on the "Unblock" button to continue. Synchronization is launched. The application synchronizes the collection by adding the new files or replacing the modified files.

WRS-10 Userīs guide Image 4

If synchronization of documents does not start
1. Go to "Control Panel"
2. Run Windows Firewall
3. Select the "Exception" tab and enable "Display notification when Windows Firewall blocks a program".

WRS-10 Userīs guide Image 5

4. Click OK button to close.
5. Then run again the Synchronize Documents from the menu.
6. The Windows Security Alert may appear, see image below, in case the Windows Firewall is blocking the program. Click "Unblock" button to continue. This may now solve the problem.

WRS-10 Userīs guide Image 6

7. Check if synchronization begins. If it doesnīt, check if the antivirus program or server is blocking the program. One way to check is to run the sync program outside your organization.

If you experience problems in accessing or synchronizing documents, please contact our IT assistance and support service by calling the Conference Helpdesk service.


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