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Sector de Radiocomunicaciones (UIT-R)  
[Credentials Procedures]

Procedures and deadline for depositing credentials for WRC-12
Member States are invited to deposit their credentials:

  • Before the conference preferably by 22 December 2011, by registered letter, to the following address:
    ITU Secretary-General
    Strategic Planning and Membership Department
    Office T.1313
    International Telecommunication Union
    Place des Nations
    CH - 1211 GENEVA 20
  • At the conference as from 20 January 2012 credentials may also be deposited with the Credentials Committee secretariat. The location of the Credentials Committee secretariat office at the CICG will be indicated in the information provided to delegates on registration.
Complete details regarding credentials for the World Radiocommunication Conference can be found in Article 31 (Nos. 324-338) of the ITU Convention.

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Contact details
More information can be obtained from the ITU Strategic Planning and Membership Department at: membership@itu.int


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