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Radiocommunication Sector (ITU-R)  
ITU-R Recommendations proposed for incorporation by reference

  • Rec. ITU-R BO.1443-2 - Reference BSS Earth station antenna patterns for use in interference assessment involving non-GSO satellites in frequency bands covered by RR Appendix 30
  • Rec. ITU-R M.541-9 - Operational procedures for the use of digital selective-calling equipment in the maritime mobile service
  • Rec. ITU-R M.585-4 - Assignment and use of maritime mobile service identities
  • Rec. ITU-R M.633-3 - Transmission characteristics of a satellite emergency position-indicating radio beacon (satellite EPIRB) system operating through a satellite system in the 406 MHz band
  • Rec. ITU-R M.1084-4 - Interim solutions for improved efficiency in the use of the band 156-174 MHz by stations in the maritime mobile service
  • Rec. ITU-R M.1174-2 - Technical characteristics of equipment used for on-board vessel communications in the bands between 450 and 470 MHz
  • Rec. ITU-R M.1187-1 - A method for the calculation of the potentially affected region for a mobile-satellite service network in the 1-3 GHz range using circular orbits
  • Rec. ITU-R M.1642-2 - Methodology for assessing the maximum aggregate equivalent power flux-density at an aeronautical radionavigation service station from all radionavigation-satellite service systems operating in the 1 164-1 215 MHz band
  • Rec. ITU-R M.1652 - Dynamic frequency selection (DFS)1 in wireless access systems including radio local area networks for the purpose of protecting the radiodetermination service in the 5 GHz band
  • Rec. ITU-R M.1827 - Technical and operational requirements for stations of the aeronautical mobile (R) service (AM(R)S) limited to surface application at airports and for stations of the aeronautical mobile service (AMS) limited to aeronautical security (AS) applications in the band 5 091-5 150 MHz
  • Rec. ITU-R P.525-2 - Calculation of free-space attenuation
  • Rec. ITU-R P.526-10 - Propagation by diffraction
  • Rec. ITU-R P.838-3 - Specific attenuation model for rain for use in prediction methods
  • Rec. ITU-R RS.1260-1 - Feasibility of sharing between active spaceborne sensors and other services in the range 420-470 MHz
  • Rec. ITU-R RS.1632 - Sharing in the band 5 250-5 350 MHz between the Earth exploration-satellite service (active) and wireless access systems (including radio local area networks) in the mobile service
  • Rec. ITU-R S.1586-1 - Calculation of unwanted emission levels produced by a non geostationary fixed-satellite service system at radio astronomy sites
  • Rec. ITU-R SM.1138-1 - Determination of necessary bandwidths including examples for their calculation and associated examples for the designation of emissions


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