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Sector de Radiocomunicaciones (UIT-R)  
Programa de presentación de datos

[The purpose of the RRC Input Data Display software is to allow an operator to consult the RRC-06 input data sets. The operator can perform basic queries on the data sets and additionally export the selected data in a number of predetermined data formats.The Input Data Display software allows the operator to consult a local database, as well as the on-line database that contains the most up-to-date situation. Only users with a TIES account will be able to access the on-line database.
Requirements include a standard personal computer (PC) with Windows NT, 2000 or XP operating system, with screen resolution of 1 024 by 768 pixels or higher, MS Access 2000 or more recent, MDAC 2.6 (2.7 recommended) and .NET Framework 1.1. As from version 1.0.8, the latter two items will be installed during setup if they are not present on the PC already. Alternatively, the user can manually install the file mdac_typ.exe, available on the distribution CDROM of CR/238 for previous versions of the input data display software.]

[The package is distributed in one file called rrc_input_display.zip. It is suggested to create a specific sub-directory (i.e. ...\RRCInputDisplay\) and unzip the setup files therein. The next step consists of running the program Setup.exe following the instructions on the screen until the setup process is successfully completed (by default the software will be installed in subdirectory C:\RRC06\InputDisplay).]

[The software is available in English only.]

[Version History]
  • [Initial version 1.0.6 (31/05/2005)]
  • [Version 1.0.8 (13/06/2005)]
    • [Bugs fixed:]
[- Application did not display well for 120 dpi setting.
- Clear filter button did not reset frequency filter.
- List of administration with successful coordination (for digital requirement) was not complete.
- Heights asl and agl were not correctly displayed (both analogue and digital).
- Designation of emission (other services) was not correct.]

  • [Other enhancements:]
[- Added navigation buttons in the detail forms (digital, analogue and other services)]

  • [Planned enhancements for future release:]
[- Navigation buttons for digital not to open a new form when going from an allotment to an assignment and vice-versa.
- Five languages]


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