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Radiocommunication Sector (ITU-R)  
Proposals/Agenda item-Provision

World Radiocommunication Conference 2007 (WRC-07)

Note : the Proposals are automatically extracted from the Contributions, which remain the reference documents.

Agenda Item 7.1

7   in accordance with Article 7 of the Convention:

7.1   to consider and approve the Report of the Director of the Radiocommunication Bureau:
- on the activities of the Radiocommunication Sector since WRC 03;
- on any difficulties or inconsistencies encountered in the application of the Radio Regulations; and
- on action in response to Resolution 80 (Rev.WRC 2000)

(English only)
Proposal Type Proposal
(BSS in band 21.4-22 GHz) ARB/39A21/5
1 (HDFSS) NOC ARB/39A21/7 - ASP/41A27/365
1 (HEO) NOC ARB/39A21/8 - ASP/41A27/366
1(Res. 951) MOD KEN/UGA/TZA/27/30
11 (footnote to title) ADD ASP/41A27/371
11 (title) MOD ASP/41A27/370
11.28 (MOD) ASP/41A27/380
11.44 URG/51/1
19.68.1 ADD EGY/SDN/77/1
23.3 ARB/39A21/9
23.3 MOD ASP/41A27/367
23.3 NOC USA/5A15/1
5 (14-14.5 GHz) MOD HNG/23/6
5 (155.5-158.5 GHz) MOD HNG/23/11
5 (17.3-18.1 GHz) MOD HNG/23/13
5 (18.4-22 GHZ (F only)) (MOD) HNG/23/8
5 (401-403 MHz) MOD HNG/23/2
5 (Editorial corrections) (MOD) HNG/23/14
5.14 MOD RCC/16/66
5.149 MOD HNG/23/1
5.203 SUP ASP/41A27/378
5.287 MOD HNG/23/3
5.357 MOD G/193/1
5.376 MOD G/193/2
5.444A (E, A, C, S, R) (MOD) HNG/23/4
5.502 (E only) (MOD) HNG/23/5
5.509A (align E and F) MOD HNG/23/7
5.517 MOD HNG/23/12
5.530 ARB/39A21/5
5.551H (first sentence) (MOD) HNG/23/9
5.551I (first sentence) (MOD) HNG/23/9
5.562A MOD HNG/23/10
9.2B (MOD) ASP/41A27/379
App. 30 MOD PAK/80/1
App. 30 (Art. 5, footnote to title) ADD ASP/41A27/373
App. 30 (Art. 5, title) MOD ASP/41A27/372
App. 30 (Article 2A) MOD IAP/14A2/405
App. 30A MOD PAK/80/1
App. 30A (Art. 5, footnote to title) ADD ASP/41A27/375
App. 30A (Art. 5, title) MOD ASP/41A27/374
App. 30A (Article 2A) MOD IAP/14A2/406
App. 30B (Art. 8, footnote to title) ADD ASP/41A27/377
App. 30B (Art. 8, title) MOD ASP/41A27/376
App. 4 (Annex 1) ADD EUR/10A24/3 - EUR/10A24/3A
App. 4 (Annex 1A and 1B) MOD ARB/39A21/10
App. 4 (Annex 1A) SUP EUR/10A24/1
App. 4 (Annex 1A, footnote to title) ADD ASP/41A27/369
App. 4 (Annex 1A, title) MOD ASP/41A27/368
App. 4 (Annex 1B) SUP EUR/10A24/2
Proposed WRC-2011 Agenda Item MOD CTI/99/12
Rec. 723 ASP/41A27/361
Rec. 723 (ENG) ARB/39A21/3 - ARB/39A21/4
Res. [EUR/10A24/5] ADD EUR/10A24/4
Res. [XXX] ADD CUB/30/1
Res. 525 ARB/39A21/5
Res. 525 MOD ASP/41A27/362
Res. 525 (Annex) MOD ASP/41A27/363
Res. 951 ASP/41A27/360
Res. 951 ARB/39A21/1 - ARB/39A21/2
RoP 11.44 MOD IAP/14A1/49
Studies for definitions KEN/UGA/TZA/27/31
Terretrial optical free-space telecoms. ASP/41A27/364
Terretrial optical free-space telecoms. ARB/39A21/6
Total: 69


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