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Objectives of the ITU Forum on Technical Compatibility between Power Line Telecommunication systems and Radiocommunication services

Letīs get compatible

Today's homes are packed with communication devices. Consumers can choose from various possibilities to get access to the Internet and/or to enjoy TV and radio in steadily improving digital quality. Various transmission technologies are offered to provide content to home terminals.

Free-to-air digital broadcasting is and will continue to be a future-oriented approach on how to satisfy the needs of consumers. Power Line Telecommunications is another future-oriented technology providing broadband access via the main networks to consumersī homes or to distribute and collect huge amounts of data inside the homes to and from the various terminals or radios and TV sets.

The most recent technology developments show that consumers may however end up in an "either/or situation": Either they use PLT or they enjoy reception of free-to-air broadcasting. Both together seem to be technically incompatible at the same time and same location. And there are also radiocommunication services other than broadcasting that are technically impacted by PLT.

The objective of this one-day event is to discuss the potential interference effects of PLT technology into the radio frequency spectrum in light of the latest technological PLT developments that touch the radio spectrum up to the frequency ranges used in homes for broadcasting reception. Mitigation techniques need to be developed and standardization efforts are necessary to overcome these technical challenges.

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) is the perfect body to address the issue with all the stakeholders. As such, and on the one hand, ITU develops standards for home networks using PLT on a world-wide basis; and on the other hand, it is the leading international organization on regulatory and technical radio spectrum issues.

This one-day event organized by ITU will:

- bring together major stakeholders;

- give an overview of technologies providing PLT;

- describe the role of ITU and regulators in protecting the radio frequency spectrum;

- provide an overview of radiocommunication services potentially impacted by PLT systems;

- explain current standardization efforts for PLT systems;

- present case studies of radio frequency emissions from PLT systems;

- discuss possible mitigation techniques to protect radio services.

It will end in a round-table discussion on commitments and future efforts of all stakeholders to resolve these interference issues in the interest of consumers.


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