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UIT-T SG 17  TD (2019-01-22) 



Periodo de estudios 2017

Reunión  del 2019-01-22 al 2019-01-30

Lugar : Suiza [Ginebra]

Otras reuniones : 2020-08-25  2020-03-17  2019-08-27  [ 2019-01-22 ]  2018-08-29  2018-03-20  2017-08-29  2017-03-22 

Resultados :381 documentos
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Documentos Temporales  (PLEN)   Documents / Contributions
Título Origen AI/Cuestión
[ 1956-PLEN ]  
LS/o on progress of Q14/17 activities [to SG13, SG16, SG20, FG-DPM, FG-DLT, FG-DFC, W3C Credentials community group, W3C Verifiable claims WG, ETSI TC Cyber WG QSC]     ITU-T Study Group 17   Q14/17   2019-01-28
[ 1955-PLEN ]  
5th draft text of X.eaasd: Framework of enhanced authentication in telebiometric environments using anti-spoofing detection mechanisms     Editors   Q9/17, Q10/17   2019-01-28
[ 1954-PLEN ]  
Proposed design method to support a potential cross SDO coordination group entity around resolving the Quantum problem by physical means     Chairman WP3/17   QALL/17   2019-01-28
[ 1953-PLEN ]  
Proposal for new work item: Recommendation on the use of cryptographic functions on a key generated in Quantum Key Distribution networks     Rapporteur Q4/17   Q4/17   2019-01-27
[ 1952-PLEN ]  
3rd base text of X.mdcv: Security-related misbehaviour detection mechanism based on big data analysis for connected vehicles     Editors   Q13/17   2019-01-27
[ 1951-PLEN ]  
Presentation on Quantum safe communication - preparing for the next Era     TSB   QALL/17   2019-01-27
[ 1950-PLEN ]  
Update of TR.sec-qkd based on the gap analysis between ETSI/ISO standardization activities and the proposed work at ITU-T SG17 on QKD     Editors   Q4/17   2019-01-27
[ 1949-PLEN ]  
Revised baseline text of draft Recommendation X.stcv: Security Threats in Connected Vehicles     Editors   Q13/17   2019-01-27
[ 1948-PLEN ]  
LS/o/r on Invitation to update the information in the IMT2020 roadmap [to JCA-IMT2020]     ITU-T Study Group 17   Q6/17, Q2/17   2019-01-27
[ 1947-PLEN ]  
Revised base text of X.itssec-4: Methodologies for intrusion detection system on in-vehicle system     Editors   Q13/17   2019-01-27
[ 1946-PLEN ]  
LS/o/r on invitation for Q13/17 to attend the second meeting of FG-VM in Japan [to FG-VM]     ITU-T Study Group 17   Q13/17   2019-01-27
[ 1945-PLEN ]  
LS/o on SG17 work item X.ibc-iot: Security framework for using Identity Based Cryptography for IoT services over telecom networks [to IETF TLS WG]     ITU-T Study Group 17   Q6/17   2019-01-27
[ 1944-PLEN ]  
LS/o on X.5Gsec-q (Security guidelines for applying quantum-safe algorithms in 5G systems) [to 3GPP SA3]     ITU-T Study Group 17   Q6/17   2019-01-27
[ 1943-PLEN ]  
LS/o/r on definitions of radiocommunication abbreviations related to Intelligent Transport Systems[to ITU-R WP 5A]     ITU-T Study Group 17   Q13/17   2019-01-27
[ 1942-PLEN ]  
Revised baseline text of X.iotsec-3: Technical framework for a personally identifiable information handling system in the Internet of things environment     Editors   Q6/17   2019-01-27
[ 1941-PLEN ]  
New baseline text for X.GSBDaaS: Guidelines on security of big data as a Service     Editors   Q8/17   2019-01-27
[ 1940-PLEN ]  
3rd draft of ITU-T X.sgos: Security Guidelines of Web-based Online Customer Service     Rapporteur Q7/17   Q7/17   2019-01-27
[ 1939-PLEN ]  
Proposal for a new work item: Security guideline for 5G communication system based on ITU-T X.805     Rapporteur Q6/17   Q6/17   2019-01-27
[ 1938-PLEN ]  
Second base text of X.srcd: Security Requirements of Categorized Data in V2X Communication     Editors   Q13/17   2019-01-27
[ 1937-PLEN ]  
Proposal for new work item: Security specification for Industrial Internet Cloud-based Platform     Editors   Q8/17   2019-01-27
[ 1936-PLEN ]  
Revised baseline text for draft Recommendation ITU-T X.sgtBD: Security guidelines of data lifecycle management for telecom Big Data     Editors   Q8/17   2019-01-27
[ 1935-PLEN ]  
New baseline for Recommendation X.5Gsec-q: Security guidelines for applying quantum-safe algorithms in 5G systems     Editors   Q6/17   2019-01-27
[ 1934-PLEN ]  
New baseline for draft Recommendation ITU-T X.5Gsec-t: Security framework based on trust relationship for 5G ecosystem     Editors   Q6/17   2019-01-27
[ 1933-PLEN ]  
2nd Draft text for X.tfrca: Technical framework of risk identification to enhance authentication     Editors   Q7/17   2019-01-27
[ 1932-PLEN ]  
LS/o on X.5Gsec-q (Security guidelines for applying quantum-safe algorithms in 5G systems) [to ETSI TC Cyber]     ITU-T Study Group 17   Q6/17   2019-01-27
[ 1931-PLEN ]  
LS/o/r on the new version of the Home Network Transport (HNT) Standards Overview and Work Plan [to ITU-T SG15]     ITU-T Study Group 17   Q6/17   2019-01-27
[ 1930-PLEN ]  
Proposed Amendment 1 to Recommendation X.1197, Revised guidelines on criteria for selecting cryptographic algorithms for IPTV service and content protection     Rapporteur Q6/17   Q6/17   2019-01-26
[ 1929-PLEN ]  
LS/o on the new work item on Security Requirements and Framework for Edge Computing Services [to 3GPP SA3, NGMN, ETSI, GSMA, ITU-T SG13, ITU-T SG20]     ITU-T Study Group 17   Q6/17   2019-01-26
[ 1928-PLEN ]  
Proposal for new work item: Security Framework for 5G Edge Computing Services     Rapporteur Q6/17   Q6/17   2019-01-26
[ 1927-PLEN ]  
New baseline text for draft recommendation ITU-T X.tsfpp: Technical security framework for the protection of users' personal information while countering mobile messaging spam     Editors   Q5/17   2019-01-26
[ 1926-PLEN ]  
New baseline text of X.tfspd-dlt: Technical Framework for Secure Software Programme Distribution Mechanism Based on Distributed Ledger Technology     Rapporteur Q14/17   Q14/17   2019-01-26
[ 1925-PLEN ]  
LS/o/r on Communication of Baseline text of Y.cvms, "Considerations for Realizing Virtual Measurement Systems"(reply to SG12 - LS 73) [to ITU-T SG12]     ITU-T Study Group 17   Q2/17   2019-01-26
[ 1924-PLEN ]  
LS/i/r on adopting STIX/TAXII specifications into ITU-T Recommendations (reply to SG17-LS149) [from OASIS]     OASIS   Q4/17   2019-01-26
[ 1923-PLEN ]  
Proposed revised text for X.srip-dlt: Security requirements for intellectual property management based on distributed ledger technology     Editors   Q14/17   2019-01-26
[ 1922-PLEN ]  
4th Revised baseline text of X.tfcas: Technical framework for countering advertising spam in user generated information     Editors   Q5/17   2019-01-26
[ 1921-PLEN ]  
Proposal for new work item: Security guidelines for distributed cloud     Rapporteur Q8/17   Q8/17   2019-01-26
[ 1920-PLEN ]  
Revised baseline text for X.SRIaaS: Security Requirements of Public Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) in Cloud Computing     Editors   Q8/17   2019-01-26
[ 1919-PLEN ]  
Revised baseline text for X.srnv: Security Requirements of Network Virtualization     Editors   Q2/17   2019-01-26
[ 1918-PLEN ]  
Progress report for Security manual     Editors   Q1/17   2019-01-25
[ 1917-PLEN ]  
Second revised baseline text of Recommendation X.1373rev.: Secure software update capability for intelligent transportation system communication devices     Editors   Q13/17   2019-01-25
[ 1916-PLEN ]  
Draft agenda of Collaborative meeting ITU-T Q11/17 and ISO/IEC/JTC 1/SC 6/WG 10, (Beijing (China) 22-26 April 2019)     Rapporteur Q11/17   Q11/17   2019-01-25
[ 1915-PLEN ]  
Resolution of Comments on X.509prot     Rapporteur Q11/17   Q11/17   2019-01-25
[ 1914-PLEN ]  
2nd revised text for ITU-T X.das-mgt: Security framework for the data access and sharing management system based on the distributed ledger technology     Editors   Q14/17   2019-01-25
[ 1913-PLEN ]  
Revised baseline text for X.itssec-2: Security guidelines for V2X communication systems     Editors   Q13/17   2019-01-25
[ 1912-PLEN ]  
First baseline text for X.eivnsec: Security guidelines for the Ethernet-based in-vehicle networks     Editors   Q13/17   2019-01-25
[ 1911-PLEN ]  
7th revised baseline text for X.websec-7: A reference monitor for online analytics services     Editors   Q7/17   2019-01-25
[ 1910-PLEN ]  
Revised baseline text for X.tfcmms: Technical framework for countering Multimedia Messaging Service spam     Editors   Q5/17   2019-01-25
[ 1909-PLEN ]  
Fourth revised draft text of X.ssc: Security Service Chain Architecture and its Application     Editors   Q2/17   2019-01-25
[ 1908-PLEN ]  
Request for change Q2 ToR (Terms of reference)     Rapporteur Q2/17   QALL/17   2019-01-25
[ 1907-PLEN ]  
Report about the monitoring of the OID resolution system     OID project leader   Q11/17   2019-01-25
Resultados :381 documentos
Resultados :  Anterior -  1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8  - Siguiente Next
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