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UIT-T SG 5  TD-GEN (2014-12-08) 


Medio ambiente y cambio climático

Periodo de estudios 2013

Reunión  del 2014-12-08 al 2014-12-19

Lugar : India [Kochi]

Otras reuniones : 2017-11-20  2017-05-15  2016-10-10  2016-04-20  2015-10-12  [ 2014-12-08 ]  2014-07-23  2014-05-19  2013-12-02  2013-01-29 

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Documentos Temporales  (GEN)   Documents / Contributions
Título Origen AI/Cuestión
[ 904-GEN ]  
Draft LS/o/r on Proposal to joint cooperation on a new work item of Q17/5 related to energy management (reply to SG2-LS68) [to ITU-T SG2, SG13]     Rapporteur Q17/5   Q17/5   2014-12-16
[ 903-GEN ]  
Second draft ITU-T Recommendation K.BTS.EMC - Electromagnetic Compatibility Requirements and Measurement Methods for digital Cellular Mobile Communication Base Station Equipment     Rapporteurs Q9/5   Q9/5   2014-12-16
[ 902-GEN ]  
Updated draft Supplement to Recommendation ITU-T L.1500     Editors   Q15/5   2014-12-16
[ 901-GEN ]  
Withdrawn     N/A (no se aplica)     2014-12-16
[ 900-GEN ]  
Proposed new ITU-T Recommendation in the work programme: L.DC marking     Rapporteur Q19/5   Q19/5   2014-12-15
[ 899-GEN ]  
Recommendation ITU-T K20 Revisions     Rapporteur Q4/5   Q4/5   2014-12-15
[ 898-GEN ]  
Remote feed telecommunication advisory     Rapporteur Q12/5   Q4/5, Q2/5, Q12/5   2014-12-15
[ 897-GEN ]  
Recommendation ITU-T K.96 proposal for additional Appendix II, IEC 61000-4-5 Edition 3 impulse (surge) waveshape duration     Rapporteur Q2/5   Q4/5, Q2/5   2014-12-15
[ 896-GEN ]  
Draft Recommendation ITU-T K.hvps2     Editor   Q3/5   2014-12-15
[ 895-GEN ]  
Initial base text for Recommendation ITU-T L.rareMetals-label "Communication method of printing label to provide rare metals information in ICT goods"     Editors   Q13/5   2014-12-15
[ 894-GEN ]  
Draft New Recommendation ITU-T L.DC_minimum_set submitted for consent to ITU-T SG5     Editors   Q17/5   2014-12-15
[ 893-GEN ]  
Proposal for new work item on Recommendation on Functionality requirements and framework of green data center energy-saving management system     Chairman WP3/5   Q17/5   2014-12-14
[ 892-GEN ]  
Radiocommunications and climate change     Rapporteur Q15/5   Q15/5   2014-12-14
[ 891-GEN ]  
Proposed new work item on the improvement of energy efficiency in networks     Chairman SG5   Q17/5   2014-12-14
[ 890-GEN ]  
The second draft of the new Recommendation ITU-T K.ldt "Lightning Protection of the Dedicated Transformer for Radio Base Station"     Associate Rapporteurs   Q5/5   2014-12-14
[ 889-GEN ]  
Overview of activities carried out by ITU's Asia Pacific Regional Office on climate change adaptation     Rapporteur Q15/5   Q15/5   2014-12-14
[ 888-GEN ]  
Requirements for Low cost sustainable telecommunications infrastructure for rural communications in developing countries     Associate Rapporteur Q14/5   Q14/5   2014-12-14
[ 887-GEN ]  
Draft on LS/o/r on comments from ISO/TMB Smart Cities SAG on FG-SSC Technical Report on Smart Water Management in Cities (reply to ISO/TMB Smart Cities AG - LS 2) [to ISO/TMB Smart Cities AG]     Chairman WP3/5   QALL/5   2014-12-14
[ 886-GEN ]  
Draft LS/o/r on seeking input regarding Recommendations ITU-T A.4, A.5 and A.6 (reply to TSAG - LS 7) [to TSAG]     Chairman SG5   QALL/5   2014-12-14
[ 885-GEN ]  
Draft LS/o/r on Q7/2 work items for the 2014-2018 study period (reply to ITU-D SG 2 - Document 2/113) [to ITU-D SG2 and ITU-R SG1, SG2, SG5 and SG6]     Rapporteur Q7/5   Q7/5   2014-12-14
[ 884-GEN ]  
Draft LS/o/r on draft deliverable of Focus Group on Smart Water Management and definition of Smart Water Management (reply to FG SWM - LS 6 ) [to FG-SWM]     Rapporteur Q18/5   Q18/5   2014-12-14
[ 883-GEN ]  
Draft LS/o/r on work on standardization activities in Smart Water Management and collaboration on joint events on Smart Water Management (reply to FG-SWM - LS 5) [to FG-SWM]     Chairman WP3/5   Q15/5   2014-12-14
[ 882-GEN ]  
Draft LS/o/r on Information Technology - Data Centres - Key Performance Indicators - Part 2: Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) (reply to ISO/IEC JTC1/SC39 - ISO-IEC_DIS 30134-2) [to ISO/IEC JTC1/SC39]     Chairman WP3/5   Q17/5   2014-12-14
[ 881-GEN ]  
Draft LS/o/r on Information Technology - Data Centres - Key Performance 24 Indicators - Part 1: Overview and General Requirements (reply to ISO/IEC JTC1/SC39 - ISO-IEC_DIS 30134-1) [to ISO/IEC JTC1/SC39]     Chairman WP3/5   Q17/5   2014-12-14
[ 880-GEN ]  
Draft LS/o/r on transfer of Recommendation ITU-T L.71 and ITU-T Handbook "Compendium of Cable Measurement Methods" to ITU-T Study Group 5 (reply to SG15-LS197) [to ITU-T SG15]     Chairman WP1/5   Q1/5   2014-12-14
[ 879-GEN ]  
Draft Recommendation ITU-T L. DC_minimun set - Temperature measurement discussion     Editor   Q17/5   2014-12-14
[ 878-GEN ]  
Draft LS/o/r on the progress on the Technical Report on Counterfeit ICT Equipment (reply to SG11-LS 62) [to ITU-T SG11]     Chairman WP3/5   Q13/5   2014-12-14
[ 877-GEN ]  
Draft New Recommendation ITU-T K.appl3: Surge Protective Component Application Guide - Silicon PN Junction Components submitted for consent to ITU-T SG5     Rapporteur Q2/5   Q2/5   2014-12-14
[ 876-GEN ]  
Green ICT Standards Landscape     TSB   QALL/5   2014-12-13
[ 875-GEN ]  
Outcomes of ITU Plenipotentiary Conference 2014 relevant to the work on ITU-T SG5     Vice-chairman SG5   QALL/5   2014-12-13
[ 874-GEN ]  
Inaccurate information contained in some documents related to Q16/5     Chairman SG5   Q16/5   2014-12-13
[ 873-GEN ]  
Draft Recommendation ITU-T L.Infrastructure     Associate rapporteur Q15/5   Q15/5   2014-12-13
[ 872-GEN ]  
Proposal for the creation of a new work item on Recommendation on Green ICT solutions for telecom network facilities     Chairman WP3/5   Q17/5   2014-12-13
[ 871-GEN ]  
Remarks at opening plenary of WP2 meeting (Kochi, 8-19 December 2014)     Chairman WP2/5   Q9/5, Q8/5, Q7/5, Q6/5, Q11/5, Q10/5   2014-12-13
[ 870-GEN ]  
Supplement on Validation test of a data centre cooling method using renewable energy in a cold region     Chairman WP3/5   Q17/5   2014-12-13
[ 869-GEN ]  
Supplement on Rationale for minimum data set for evaluating energy efficiency and for controlling data centre equipment in view of power saving     Chairman WP3/5   Q17/5   2014-12-13
[ 868-GEN ]  
Supplement on Potential for primary energy savings in TLC/ICT centres through free cooling     Chairman WP3/5   Q17/5   2014-12-13
[ 867-GEN ]  
Supplement on Case study of reduction of air-conditioning energy by optical fibre based thermometry     Chairman WP3/5   Q17/5   2014-12-13
[ 866-GEN ]  
Supplement on Verification experiments related to increase of efficiency of air-conditioning and control technologies at a data centre     Chairman WP3/5   Q17/5   2014-12-13
[ 865-GEN ]  
Lightning Protection of the Dedicated Transformer for Radio Base Stations, on a Shared and Separated Earth Grid Configuration     Associate Rapporteur Q5/5   Q5/5   2014-12-13
[ 864-GEN ]  
Supplement on on Verification test and feasibility study of energy and space efficient cooling systems for data centres with high density ICT devices     Chairman WP3/5   Q17/5   2014-12-13
[ 863-GEN ]  
Supplement on Experimental studies on plates and ducts installed at equipment inlets and outlets     Chairman WP3/5   Q17/5   2014-12-13
[ 862-GEN ]  
LS/i on comments from ISO/TMB Smart Cities SAG on FG-SSC Technical Report on Smart Water Management in Cities [from ISO/TMB Smart Cities SAG]     ISO/TMB Smart Cities SAG Secretariat   QALL/5   2014-12-12
[ 861-GEN ]  
Draft New Recommendation ITU-T L.model EE ICT submitted for consent to ITU-T SG5     Editor   Q17/5   2014-12-12
[ 860-GEN ]  
Updated draft of Recommendation ITU-T L.model EE ICT     Editor   Q17/5   2014-12-12
[ 859-GEN ]  
Reporting on ongoing energy efficiency related activities at ETSI EE     Liaison rapporteur ETSI TC EE   Q17/5   2014-12-12
[ 858-GEN ]  
Proposal revision of the Recommendation ITU-T K.60     Rapporteur Q6/5   Q6/5   2014-12-12
[ 857-GEN ]  
Draft LS/o/r on ICT Due Diligence Guideline for Responsible Supply Chains of Minerals from Conflict-Affected and High Risk Regions (reply to GeSI - LS 2) [to GeSI]     Chairman WP3/5   Q13/5   2014-12-12
[ 856-GEN ]  
Proposed procedure for revising Recommendation ITU-T K.93     Rapporteur Q8/5   Q8/5   2014-12-11
[ 855-GEN ]  
Proposal for new work item on Supplement on Circular Economy     Chairman WP3/5   Q13/5   2014-12-11
Resultados :260 documentos
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