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ITU-T SG 17  TD-PLEN (2019-01-22) 



Study Period 2017

Meeting  from 2019-01-22 to 2019-01-30

held in Switzerland [Geneva]

Other Meetings : 2020-08-25  2020-03-17  2019-08-27  [ 2019-01-22 ]  2018-08-29  2018-03-20  2017-08-29  2017-03-22 

Results:381 total items.
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Temporary Documents  (PLEN)   Documents / Contributions
Title Source AI/Question
[ 1906-PLEN ]  
Revised baseline text for X.sgBDIP: Proposal for new work item: Security Guidelines for Big Data     Editors   Q8/17   2019-01-25
[ 1905-PLEN ]  
New baseline for Recommendation ITU-T X.SDSec: Guideline on Software-defined Security in Software-defined Networking/Network Function Virtualization Network     Editors   Q2/17   2019-01-25
[ 1904-PLEN ]  
Proposal for a new work item: Security requirements for Quantum Key Distribution network - Overview     Rapporteur Q4/17   Q4/17   2019-01-25
[ 1903-PLEN ]  
New baseline for draft Recommendation ITU-T X.1043 (X.sdnsec-3): Security framework and requirement of a service function chain based on a software-defined networking     Editors   Q2/17   2019-01-25
[ 1902-PLEN ]  
Proposal for new work item: draft Amendment to Rec. ITU-T X.509 | ISO/IEC 9594-8 - Design considerations for a Decentralized PKI     Editors   Q11/17   2019-01-25
[ 1901-PLEN ]  
Proposal for new work item : Toward blockchain as Service Security key points     Rapporteur Q14/17   Q14/17   2019-01-25
[ 1900-PLEN ]  
Baseline text of draft Recommendation X.sec_QKDN_km: "Security Requirements for QKD Networks - Key Management"     Editors   Q4/17   2019-01-25
[ 1899-PLEN ]  
2nd revised text for the Standardization roadmap for Q14/17 and overview of DLT standardization activities     Rapporteur Q14/17   Q14/17   2019-01-25
[ 1898-PLEN ]  
Revised baseline text for draft Recommendation ITU-T X.fgati: Framework and Guidelines for Applying Threat Intelligence in Telecom Network Operation     Editors   Q4/17   2019-01-25
[ 1897-PLEN ]  
3rd Revised draft base text of X.sfop: Security framework of open platform for FinTech services     Editors   Q7/17   2019-01-25
[ 1896-PLEN ]  
2nd revised text for ITU-T X.gcpie: Guidelines for Collection and Preservation of Cyber Security Incident Evidence     Editors   Q4/17   2019-01-25
[ 1895-PLEN ]  
Revised baseline text of X.SRNaaS: Security Requirements of Network as a Service (NaaS) in Cloud Computing     Editors   Q8/17   2019-01-25
[ 1894-PLEN ]  
Revised baseline text of X.sgcc: Security Guidelines of Container in cloud computing environment     Editors   Q8/17   2019-01-25
[ 1893-PLEN ]  
2nd revised text for ITU-T X.strvms: Security threats and requirements for video management system     Editors   Q6/17   2019-01-25
[ 1892-PLEN ]  
Revised draft text for X.gcims: Guidelines for countering instant messaging spam     Editors   Q5/17   2019-01-25
[ 1891-PLEN ]  
4th Revised baseline text for draft Recommendation ITU-T X.sct-dlt: Security threats to Distributed Ledger Technology     Editors   Q14/17   2019-01-25
[ 1890-PLEN ]  
3rd revised text for ITU-T X.str-dlt: Securty threats and requirements for digital payment systems based on distributed ledger technologies     Editors   Q14/17   2019-01-25
[ 1889-PLEN ]  
Third revised baseline text for X.itssec-5: Security guidelines for vehicular edge computing     Editors   Q13/17   2019-01-25
[ 1888-PLEN ]  
Second revised baseline text for X.edrsec: Security guidelines for cloud-based event data recorders in automotive environment     Editors   Q13/17   2019-01-25
[ 1887-PLEN ]  
Revised base text of ITU-T X.uav-oid: Identification mechanism for unmanned aerial vehicles using object identifiers     Editors   Q11/17   2019-01-25
[ 1886-PLEN ]  
Proposal for X.sfop: add new content     Editors   Q7/17   2019-01-25
[ 1885-PLEN ]  
Proposal for new work item: security guidelines for network-based driving assistance in autonomous vehicles     Rapporteur Q13/17   Q13/17   2019-01-24
[ 1884-PLEN ]  
New baseline text of draft Recommendation ITU-T X.tfss: Technical Framework for Security Services Provided by Operators     Editors   Q7/17   2019-01-24
[ 1883-PLEN ]  
New baseline text of draft Recommendation ITU-T X.nb-iot: Security Requirements and Framework for Narrow Band Internet of Things     Editors   Q6/17   2019-01-24
[ 1882-PLEN ]  
Update of TR.sec-qkd based on the gap analysis between ETSI/ISO standardization activities and the proposed work at ITU-T SG17 on QKD     Rapporteur Q4/17   Q4/17   2019-01-24
[ 1881-PLEN ]  
Revised baseline text of X.sra-dlt: "Security framework for distributed ledger technology"     Editors   Q14/17   2019-01-24
[ 1880-PLEN ]  
Proposal for new work item: Requirements and Guidelines for Dynamic Malware Analysis in a Sandbox Environment     Rapporteur Q4/17   Q4/17   2019-01-24
[ 1879-PLEN ]  
5th revised baseline text for X.sgsec-3: Security guidelines for smart metering services in smart grids     Editors   Q6/17   2019-01-24
[ 1878-PLEN ]  
3rd revised text of ITU-T X.stov: "Security threats to online voting using distributed ledger technology"     Editors   Q14/17   2019-01-24
[ 1877-PLEN ]  
New baseline text for Security Services based on Distributed Ledger Technology     Editors   Q14/17   2019-01-24
[ 1876-PLEN ]  
Proposal for a new work item : Verification for smart contract     Rapporteur Q14/17   Q14/17   2019-01-24
[ 1875-PLEN ]  
Proposal for a new work item : Distributed Ledger Technology for managing routing tables in cloud networking     Rapporteur Q14/17   Q14/17   2019-01-24
[ 1874-PLEN ]  
Proposed new draft text for Recommendation X.ibc-iot: Security framework for use of identity-based cryptography in support of IoT services over Telecom networks     Editors   Q6/17   2019-01-24
[ 1873-PLEN ]  
Revised Text for ITU-T X.1042 (X.sdnsec-1): "Security services using the software-defined networking" (for TAP approval)     Editors   Q6/17   2019-01-24
[ 1872-PLEN ]  
3rd revised text for ITU-T Security assurance for distributed ledger technology     Editors   Q14/17   2019-01-24
[ 1871-PLEN ]  
First revised baseline text of X.fstiscv, Framework of security threat information sharing for connected vehiclesbase text of X.fstiscv: Framework of security threat information sharing for connected vehicles     Rapporteur Q13/17   Q13/17   2019-01-24
[ 1870-PLEN ]  
Mini-workshop presentation 7: Current work of the ETSI ISG in QKD     TSB   QALL/17   2019-01-23
[ 1869-PLEN ]  
Revised text of X.1249 (ex X.tfcma): Technical Framework for Countering Mobile In-application Advertising Spam (for TAP approval)     Editors   Q5/17   2019-01-23
[ 1868-PLEN ]  
Supporting slides for the special session on incubation     Chairman special session   QALL/17   2019-01-23
[ 1867-PLEN ]  
Corrigendum on X.894 (for Consent)     Editors   Q11/17   2019-01-23
[ 1866-PLEN ]  
Second draft of X.b2m     Editors   Q9/17   2019-01-23
[ 1865-PLEN ]  
Cybersecurity framework for ITS     Rapporteur Q13/17   Q13/17   2019-01-22
[ 1864-PLEN ]  
X.509 consideration on quantum-safe algorithms     Editors   Q11/17   2019-01-22
[ 1863-PLEN ]  
LS/i/r on updated FG DLT terms and definitions deliverable [from FG-DPM]     FG-DPM   QALL/17   2019-01-21
[ 1862-PLEN ]  
LS/i on updated FG DLT terminology deliverable [from FG DLT]     FG DLT   QALL/17   2019-01-21
[ 1861-PLEN ]  
LS/i on Visibility Information in an X.509 certificate [from ETSI TC Cyber]     ETSI TC Cyber   Q11/17   2019-01-21
[ 1860-PLEN ]  
Tutorial on OASIS updates     TSB   QALL/17   2019-01-18
[ 1859-PLEN ]  
LS/i/r on Security Requirements and Framework of Using Identity-Based Cryptography Mechanisms in Internet of Things (reply to SG17-LS042) [from ISO/IEC JTC1/SC27/WG2]     ISO/IEC JTC1/SC27/WG2   Q6/17, Q11/17   2019-01-18
[ 1858-PLEN ]  
Proposed ITU Workshop on Fintech security     Chairman SG17   Q1/17   2019-01-18
[ 1857-PLEN ]  
Updated SG17 mailing lists in 2017-2020 study period     TSB   QALL/17   2019-01-17
Results:381 total items.
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