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ITU-T SG 15  TD-GEN (2013-07-01) 


Networks, Technologies and Infrastructures for Transport, Access and Home

Study Period 2013

Meeting  from 2013-07-01 to 2013-07-12

held in Switzerland [Geneva]

Other Meetings : 2016-09-19  2016-02-15  2015-06-22  2014-11-24  2014-03-24  2013-12-06  [ 2013-07-01 ]  2013-02-01 

Results:48 total items.
Temporary Documents  (GEN)  [ AI/Question: QALL/15 ]   Documents / Contributions
Title Source AI/Question
[ 68-GEN ]  
LS/i on updates to the list of IoT-related Questions for comments [from JCA-IoT]     JCA-IoT   QALL/15   2013-07-04
[ 66-GEN ]  
Presentation on IEC ACTEL Megatrend: Dynamic Optical Path Network for Sustainable Information Society and the role of Standardization (Geneva, Tuesday 9 July, 08:30-09:30)     Vice-Chairmen Innovation & Marketing and Promotion   QALL/15   2013-07-03
[ 65-GEN ]  
LS/i on invitation to contribute to the cloud computing roadmap population [from JCA-Cloud]     JCA-Cloud   QALL/15   2013-07-02
[ 63-GEN ]  
Final list of participants (Geneva, July 2013)     TSB   QALL/15   2013-07-02
[ 61-GEN ]  
Authoring ITU-T publications: Tips and tricks for streamlining editing (Geneva, 2 July 2013: Room Popov, 08:30-09:30)     TSB   QALL/15   2013-07-01
[ 60-GEN ]  
Report on TM Forum Integration Program (TIP) activities     Liaison Rapporteur to TM Forum on TIP activities   QALL/15   2013-07-01
[ 59-GEN ]  
LS/i on notification of the intention to make TM Forum Documents public [from TM Forum]     TM Forum   QALL/15   2013-07-01
[ 56-GEN ]  
LS/i on change of lower bound of frequency range allocated in the Radio Regulations by WRC-12 [from TSAG]     TSAG   QALL/15   2013-06-30
[ 55-GEN ]  
LS/i on status of translation in ITU-T [from TSAG]     TSAG   QALL/15   2013-06-30
[ 54-GEN ]  
LS/i on WTSA-12 Action Plan [from TSAG]     TSAG   QALL/15   2013-06-30
[ 53-GEN ]  
Report on IETF Transport Network Management     Liaison Rapporteur to IETF on TNM   QALL/15   2013-06-28
[ 52-GEN ]  
Report on ITU-T SG2 network management related activities     Liaison Rapporteur to SG2 on TNM   QALL/15   2013-06-28
[ 51-GEN ]  
Update on IEEE 802.1     Liaison Rapporteur to IEEE 802.1   QALL/15   2013-06-28
[ 50-GEN ]  
(Rev.1-2) +Add.1-2 
Information sessions (1-12 July 2013)     TSB   QALL/15   2013-06-28
[ 49-GEN ]  
Newcomers' welcome pack for SG15 meeting (Geneva, 1-12 July 2013)     TSB   QALL/15   2013-06-28
[ 48-GEN ]  
Agenda of the Innovation & Marketing and Bridging the Standardization Gap meeting (3 July 2013)     Vice-Chairmen Innovation and Marketing & Promotion   QALL/15   2013-06-28
[ 46-GEN ]  
Update on MEF     Liaison Rapporteur to MEF   QALL/15   2013-06-28
[ 41-GEN ]  
Summary of progress in IEEE 802.3     IEEE 802.3 Liaison Rapporteur   QALL/15   2013-06-19
[ 40-GEN ]  
Summary of progress in OIF Physical and Link Layer (PLL) Working Group     OIF (PLL) Liaison Rapporteur   QALL/15   2013-06-19
[ 38-GEN ]  
LS/i on Development of a Draft New Report ITU-R F.[FS.IMT/BB]: Fixed service backhaul networks for IMT and other terrestrial mobile broadband systems     ITU-R WP5C   QALL/15   2013-06-05
[ 37-GEN ]  
ITU Kaleidoscope 2013 - Papers relevant to SG15     TSB   QALL/15   2013-06-05
[ 36-GEN ]  
LS/i on continuation of JCA-AHF with revised ToR to TSAG     ITU-T SG2   QALL/15   2013-06-03
[ 35-GEN ]  
LS/i to the request to fill a) living list of technologies suitable for testing and b) list of possible pilot projects for conformity assessment against ITU-T Recommendations (reply to COM 11-LS 10, LS12 R1 and LS 13) [to ITU-T SG11]     JCA-CIT Convener   QALL/15   2013-05-31
[ 34-GEN ]  
LS/i on list of official liaison officers of ITU-T SGs in JCA-CIT [to all ITU-T SGs]     JCA-CIT Convener   QALL/15   2013-05-31
[ 33-GEN ]  
LS/i on ITU-T study group responsibilities in WTSA Resolution 67 (Rev. Dubai, 2012)     SCV   QALL/15   2013-05-28
[ 31-GEN ]  
LS/i on nomination of JCA-AHF representatives [to ITU-T Study Groups, TSAG and ITU-R Study Groups]     JCA-AHF   QALL/15   2013-05-08
[ 30-GEN ]  
LS/i on draft Handbook "Telecommunication Outside Plant in Areas Frequently Exposed to Disasters"     ITU-D Q22-1/2   QALL/15   2013-05-01
[ 29-GEN ]  
LS/i on the appointment of a new IETF Liaison Manager to the ITU-T for MPLS     IETF IAB   QALL/15   2013-05-01
[ 28-GEN ]  
LS/i on request to provide security contacts     ITU-T SG17   QALL/15   2013-05-01
[ 27-GEN ]  
LS/i on continuation of JCA-COP with revised ToR to TSAG     ITU-T SG17   QALL/15   2013-05-01
[ 26-GEN ]  
LS/i on continuation of JCA-IdM with revised ToR to TSAG     ITU-T SG17   QALL/15   2013-05-01
[ 24-GEN ]  
LS/i: Status report of the Focus Group on Disaster Relief Systems, Network Resilience and Recovery (FG-DR&NRR)     FG-DR&NRR   QALL/15   2013-04-17
[ 23-GEN ]  
LS/i: Appointment of a new IETF Liaison Manager to the ITU-T     IETF IAB   QALL/15   2013-04-02
[ 21-GEN ]  
LS/i: Reply LS to JCA-COP on its formation and invitation to nominate representatives from ITU-T study groups, to participate in the work of JCA-COP in the future (JCA-COP - LS 001 - E)     ITU-T SG2   QALL/15   2013-03-26
[ 20-GEN ]  
LS/i: Plans for implementation of Resolution 77 and recommendations to TSAG     ITU-T SG13   QALL/15   2013-03-19
[ 19-GEN ]  
LS/i: Request to fill a) living list of technologies suitable for testing and b) list of possible pilot projects for conformity assessment against ITU-T Recommendations     ITU-T SG11   QALL/15   2013-03-15
[ 18-GEN ]  
LS/i: Request to all Study Groups to update the reference table of ITU-T Recommendations to be tested for conformity/interoperability, parameters and available test suites     ITU-T SG11   QALL/15   2013-03-15
[ 17-GEN ]  
LS/i: Continuation of JCA-Cloud with revised ToR     ITU-T SG13   QALL/15   2013-03-13
[ 16-GEN ]  
LS/i: Invitation to contribute to the cloud computing roadmap population     JCA-Cloud   QALL/15   2013-03-13
[ 14-GEN ]  
LS/i: Creation of a new Focus Group on "Smart and Sustainable Cities" (FG-SSC)     ITU-T SG5   QALL/15   2013-02-13
[ 13-GEN ]  
LS/i: Telecommunication Management and OAM Project Plan     ITU-T SG2   QALL/15   2013-02-05
[ 12-GEN ]  
LS/i: Liaison on J.HiNoC-series: high performance network over coax     ITU-T SG9   QALL/15   2013-02-04
[ 7-GEN ]  
LS/o: Approval of MPLS-TP Recommendations     Chairman SG15   QALL/15   2012-12-12
[ 6-GEN ]  
LS/i: Invitation to contribute to the cloud computing roadmap population     JCA-Cloud   QALL/15   2012-12-12
[ 5-GEN ]  
LS/i: LS on FG SmartCable activities and meetings     ITU-T FG SmartCable   QALL/15   2012-12-12
[ 4-GEN ]  
LS/i: Invitation to participate in and provide input to the work of the Correspondence Group on the Elaboration of a Working Definition of the Term "ICT"     ITU-D SG1   QALL/15   2012-12-12
[ 3-GEN ]  
LS/i: Liaison to ITU-T Study Groups, ITU Sectors, TSAG, CWG-COP     JCA-COP   QALL/15   2012-12-12
[ 2-GEN ]  
LS/i: Current Status of OTN Work     IETF CCAMP   QALL/15   2012-12-12
Results:48 total items.
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