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An important part of the processes involved in electronic publication of Meeting Documents has been reengineered:

  • The ITU Web Site provides now a more coherent presentation of the information about Meeting Documents:
    • Information about Document Source and Study Questions is directly available on the Web Pages
    • Temporary Documents are now available on the WEB for the duration of the relevant meeting and for 48 hours after its closure.
    • Meeting Documents appear together with their Addenda, Corrigenda…

  • New tools aimed at information retrieval have been introduced on the ITU WEB site for Meeting Documents:
    • A "What's New" page specific to Meeting Documents has been added.
    • A Meeting Documents Search Engine now provides both full-text and attribute-based retrieval.

  • A unique naming scheme for all ITU documents has been developed and implemented for all meeting documents and is being generalized to all ITU official documents.
    When you download a Meeting Document, the unique name is used for the downloaded file.
    This new unique naming scheme constitutes an important basis for all subsequent efforts in the area of ITU electronic document handling.

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