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  • Commemorative edition:
    The centenary of the international Radio Regulations

    One hundred years ago, an International Radiotelegraph Convention was signed in Berlin in 1906. Its annex contained the world’s first set of rules that later came to be known as the Radio Regulations. The ITU membership has good reason to celebrate this centenary, which marks the foundation of an international treaty to govern the use of the radio-frequency spectrum and the geostationary-satellite and non-geostationary-satellite orbits.

    The Radio Regulations are updated regularly in order to keep in step with the ever-expanding use of radio. This is achieved through ITU’s world radiocommunication conferences. These meetings undertake often lengthy and challenging work to produce timely and effective international rules for the establishment of advanced new wireless services and applications, while safeguarding the interests and rights of existing radiocommunication users.

    This commemorative edition of ITU News includes contributions from radiocommunication experts that give an overview of the past, the present, and the future in the world of wireless.

    ITU-based processes and regulations will continue to play a central role in fostering the rapid evolution and expansion of wireless systems on a global scale.

  • Editorial

  • ITU at a glance

  • From radiotelegraphy to worldwide wireless

    Valery Timofeev, Director, ITU Radiocommunication Bureau
    An overview of how ITU helped to form the modern world of radiocommunications, through a century’s wave of progress

  • Planning for all-digital radio and television broadcasting

    Daniel Sauvet-Goichon, France
    The second session of the Regional Radiocommunication Conference (Geneva, 15 May-16 June 2006) has the mammoth task of developing a frequency plan for an all-digital environment in over 100 countries in Europe and Africa






Our Wireless World
Connected by ITU

N° 3
April 2006

Photo Credits: Eyewire,, Siemens, Philips, Marconi Corporation, Inmarsat



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ITU News is the official magazine of the International Telecommunication Union published 10 times a year in English, French and Spanish. First published in 1869 as the Journal télégraphique, ITU News renders a first-hand account of the Union’s activities and the global issues of concern to people from all areas of the telecommunications industry. The magazine carries 40 pages on average and is read in the 191 member States of the Union and in more than 700 private sector companies that are Members of ITU.


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