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Workshop Presentations

[ccTLD-P-006] ccTLD Governance Project - Prof. Michael A. GEIST, University of Ottawa Law School
[ccTLD-P-031] TSB: ITU-T and ICANN Reform - ccTLD issues - Richard HILL, Counsellor, SG 2, ITU-T
[ccTLD-P-032] Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications (MPHPT) & Japan Registry Service Co., Ltd. (JPRS): ccTLD Redelegation Case Study - Japan - Eiji AOKI, MPHPT & Hirofumi HOTTA, JPRS
[ccTLD-P-033] China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC): Administrative Practice of .cn Domain Names - Leo YU, CNNIC, China
[ccTLD-P-035] Kenya Network Information Centre (KENIC): Case study on .ke ccTLD redelegation - Michael KATUNDU, Communications Commission of Kenya
[ccTLD-P-036] Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) Secretariat: GAC ccTLD Principles - Christopher WILKINSON, Head, GAC Secretariat
[ccTLD-P-042] AFNIC International College, France: Management of Top Level Domain: Contribution of the International College of AFNIC - Ahmedou Ould HAOUBA, Dean of the Faculty of Sciences and Technology, University of Nouakchott, and Director of the Mauritanian NIC
[ccTLD-P-046] Nominum: A survey of the DNS infrastructure for ccTLDs - Jim REID, Nominum UK
[ccTLD-P-050] Sudan Telecom Co, Ltd (Sudatel): Sudan Internet and .sd experience - Mohamed El Fatih EL TIGANI, Executive Member - SIS, .sd Tech Admin, Networking Section Manager, Sudatel
[ccTLD-P-060] Singapore Network Information Centre (SGNIC): Singapore Experience - Lim YUK MIN, Operations Manager, SGNIC
[ccTLD-P-062] Korea Network Information Center: .KR Status in 2003 - Jae-Chul SIR, Ph. D.
[ccTLD-P-064] ccTLD Secretariat: An Overview - Abhisak CHULYA, Executive Director, ccTLD Secretariat & Eric AKUMIAH, Deputy Executive Director, ccTLD Secretariat

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