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Contributions (1997-2000)

List of Contributions (1997-2000)
[001] (TSAG-1) - Incorporation of specification texts from other organisations into ITU-T Recommendations
[002] Chairman of TSAG: Final edited text of draft new Recommendation A.xy and draft new Annex B of Recommendation A.5
[003] Canada Nortel: Proposals related to TSB patent policy
[004] Federal Republic of Germany: Proposal for a "Code of Practice" Regarding "Copyrights"
[005] Chairman, ITU-T Study Group 15: Initial thoughts on "Alternative approval process"
[006] Chairman of TSAG: Chairman's Observations for the April 1999 Meeting of TSAG
[007] Pirelli Cavi e Sistemi S.p.A. (Italy): Proposed modifications of the "Patent Statement and Licensing Declaration" included in TSB Circular 156 and in TSB Circular 200 (COM9/FC)
[008] Chairman of TSAG: Issues for the TSAG Plenary, October 1999
[009] Chairman, ITU-T Study Group 15: Overview of ITU-T Study Group Activities
[010] Chairman, ITU-T Study Group 15: Proposed Amendment to TSB Patent Policy Guidelines
[011] Chairman, ITU-T Study Group 15: Restructuring of ITU-T Study Group work (SGs 13,15)
[012] TSB: Focus Groups - Working methods and procedures
[013] Mr. R.F Brett (Vice-chairperson): Draft revised ITU-T Recommendation A.5 - Generic procedures for including references to documents of other organizations in ITU-T Recommendations
[014] Editor: Draft supplement guidelines on interoperability experiments
[015] Director of TSB: Director's Informal Consultations (Martigny, Switzerland, 28-29 February 2000)
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