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ITU Telecommunication Standardization Sector

Alternative Approval Process (AAP)
WTSA-2000 Resolutions
WTSA-2000 Orange Books
WTSA-2004 Yellow Books
In force ITU-T Recommendations
Operational Bulletin and Lists annexed
National Numbering Plan
ITU Carrier Codes
ENUM Delegations
World Telecommunication Standardization Assembly (WTSA-2000)
World Telecommunication Standardization Conference (WTSC-96)
Telecommunication Standardization Advisory Group (TSAG)
Study Group 2 (Operational aspects of service provision, networks and performance)
Study Group 3 (Tariff and accounting principles including related telecommunications economic and policy issues)
Study Group 4 (Telecommunication management)
Study Group 5 (Protection against electromagnetic environment effects)
Study Group 6 (Outside plant)
Study Group 7 (Data networks and open system communications)
Study Group 8 (Characteristics of telematic systems)
Study Group 9 (Integrated broadband cable networks and television and sound transmission)
Study Group 10 (Languages and general software aspects for telecommunication systems)
Study Group 11 (Signalling requirements and protocols)
Study Group 12 (End-to-end transmission performance of networks and terminals)
Study Group 13 (Next generation networks)
Study Group 15 (Optical and other transport network infrastructures)
Study Group 16 (Multimedia services, systems and terminals)
Study Group 17 (Security, languages and telecommunication software)
Study Group 19 (Mobile telecommunication networks)
Special Study Group "IMT-2000 and Beyond"
IPR Ad Hoc
Tariff Group for Africa
Tariff Group for Latin America
Tariff Group for Asia and Oceania
Tariff Group for Europe and the Mediterranean Basin
Intersector Coordination Groups (ICGs)
Electronic Document Handling
ITU-T Guides
ITU-T Work Programme database
Recognized SDO's on Recommendations A.4, A.5 and A.6
ITU-T and TSB Information
Workshops and Seminars
Council Working Group on the review of International Telecommunication Regulations
Informal Forum Summit
IP Policy Manual
[2003] Manual - La seguridad de las telecomunications y las tecnologías de la información - Diciembre de 2003
[2004] Manual - Security in Telecommunications and Information Technology - October 2004
Guía para la cooperación entre el UIT-T y el JTC 1 de la ISO/CEI - Noviembre de 2001
Lista de Recomendaciones del UIT-T - Septiembre de 2002
Lista de Recomendaciones del UIT-T - Febrero de 2003
Lista de Recomendaciones del UIT-T - Septiembre de 2003

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