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Delayed Contributions. Meeting: 19-26 October 2000. From D296 to D311

[COM2-D296] Telcordia (Q1/2): Revisions to E.164
[COM2-D297] Telcordia (Q1/2): Revisions to the Criteria and Procedures for the Allocation of ITU-T defined ATM End System Addresses
[COM2-D298] Worldcom (Q1/2): Classification of CCs for Group of Countries
[COM2-D299] Worldcom (Q1/2): Opening E.164 Numbering Resources
[COM2-D300] United Kingdom (Inmarsat Ltd.) (Q1/2, Q2/2, Q10/2): Maritime mobile numbering formats
[COM2-D301] AT&T and LMGT (Q1/2, Q2/2, Q10/2): Overview of the IETF48 ENUM WG session from a WP1/2 perspective
[COM2-D302] LMGT (Q1/2, Q2/2, Q10/2): Slides from E.164 presentations to the ENUM Working Group
[COM2-D303] LMGT (Q1/2, Q2/2, Q10/2): Documents affected by freeform maritime numbering for future systems
[COM2-D304] LMGT (Q1/2, Q2/2, Q10/2): Unofficial updated version of "E.164 numbers and DNS"
[COM2-D305] LMGT and AT&T (Q1/2, Q2/2, Q10/2): Preliminary assesment of ENUM issues relevant to WP1/2
[COM2-D306] Telenor: Update of draft Rec.E.TIPI Naming, numbering and addressing for interworking between E.164 and IP address-based networks
[COM2-D307] NTT: Consideration of new draft recommendation E.TIPI
[COM2-D308] UK: Framework for opening access to numbering resources
[COM2-D309] AT&T: Administrative Requirements for Deployment of ENUM in North America
[COM2-D310] France: Ways to improve world-wide knowledge of national numbering changes
[COM2-D311] BT: Interactions required for opening national and international E.164 resource
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