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Delayed Contributions. Meeting: 21 June - 2 July 1999. From D471 to D659

List of Delayed Contributions. Meeting: 21 June-2 July 1999.
[COM15-D471] Alcatel (Q15/15, Q16/15): Effect of low temperatures and high wavelengths on the loss of G652 cabled fiber
[COM15-D472] Swisscom (Q16/15): OSNR Estimation: Comments on the draft G.692 appendix I
[COM15-D473] France Telecom/CNET (Q16/15): OSNR specification in short haul, multi-channel interdomain optical interfaces
[COM15-D474] Marconi Communication Ltd. (Q11/15): Proposal for a new frame structure based on SDH/SONET
[COM15-D475] NTT (Q2/15): Proposed additional MIBS for ATM UNI of G.983.2
[COM15-D476] Siemens AG, Germany (Q9/11, Q11/15): VC-4 virtual concatenation and interworking with contiguous concatenation
[COM15-D477] Siemens AG, Germany (Q9/15, Q11/15, Q13/15): Supervision and OAM signals for the OTN
[COM15-D478r1] Alcatel (Q16/15, Q17/15): Parameter definition and typical value of optical farend crosstalk in a unidirectional WDM system of G.959.1
[COM15-D479r1] Alcatel (Q16/15, Q17/15): Harmonized WDM-multiplexer component parameter definitions for draft Rec. G.671
[COM15-D480] Italy (Q15/15): Relationship between Interferometric and Polarimetric PMD measurement techniques
[COM15-D481] Alcatel (Q16/15): Editorial corrections of draft revised Recommendation G.957 in COM15-139-E (March 1999) before approval
[COM15-D482] Alcatel (Q16/15): Editorial corrections of draft new Recommendation G.691 in COM15-138-E (March 1999) before approval
[COM15-D483] Alcatel (Q9/16, Q16/15): Required standardization steps before deletion of Rec. G.681 (ex G.Ion)
[COM15-D484] Alcatel (Q9/15, Q16/15): Proposal of dispersion accomodation (DA) processes for draft Rec. G.798 (ex G.OEF)
[COM15-D485] NTT (Q11/15, Q16/15): Error occurence statistics in GVD-ASE limited transmission systems
[COM15-D487] NTT (Q17/15): Addition of description on the use of L-Band in G.663
[COM15-D488] NTT (Q16/15): Factors for determining 16 wavelengths IrDI based on COM15-140
[COM15-D489] Adtran, ADC, Level One, Raychem (Q4/15): G.shdsl: Proposed text for G.shdsl draft Recommendation
[COM15-D490] Adtran, ADC (Q4/15): G.shdsl: Proposal for top-level table of contents
[COM15-D491] Adtran (Q4/15): G.shdsl: Proposed elements for startup
[COM15-D492] France Telecom (Q16/15, Q17/15, Q18/15): Charasteristics of optically amplified optical fibre submarine cable systems
[COM15-D493] United states of America (Q9/15, Q11/15, Q13/15, 14/15): Why maintaining the OTN should not depend on a particular client
[COM15-D494] Lucent Technologies (Q9/15, Q11/15, Q13/15, Q14/15): A contribution to maintenance philosophy for the OTN
[COM15-D495] United States of America (Q14/15): Proposed changes to the Optical Transport Network (OTN) management information model for the network element (NR) view G.875 draft
[COM15-D496] United States of America (Q11/15, Q9/15, Q13/15, Q14/15, Q16/15):In-band FEC for STM-64
[COM15-D497] Lucent Technologies (Q11/15, Q16/15): A proposal for providing channel-associated optical channel overhead in the OTN
[COM15-D498] Lucent Technologies (Q11/15, Q16/15): A proposed implementation for a digital "wrapper" for OCh overhead
[COM15-D499] Lucent Technologies (Q11/15, Q16/15): Optical channel overhead carried on the optical supervisory channel
[COM15-D500] Lucent Technologies (Q11/15): Proposed OCh-OH assignments for the OCh frame
[COM15-D501] Lucent Technologies (Q11/15, Q13/15, Q14/15): Some considerations for optical channel overhead
[COM15-D502] United States of America (Q9/15): Proposal for G.783, section 10 pertaining to SDH networks optimized for the 1544 kbit/s hierarchy
[COM15-D503] United States of America (Q11/15): Error detection capability for VC-4-XC in ITU-T Recommendations G.707 and G.828
[COM15-D504] Lucent Technologies (Q7/15): Conducting the double talk test 3A, and 3B without inhibiting the adaptation
[COM15-D505] Republic of Korea (Q1/15, Q2/15, Q20/15): Proposal of a DWDM based access network architecture
[COM15-D506] British Telecom (Q7/15): Proposed editorial change to G.169 (automatic level control devices)
[COM15-D507] British Telecom (Q6/15): Information on C5 signalling routes
[COM15-D508] Alcatel (Q14/15): Proposed Information Model for managing of MS Shared Protection Ring
[COM15-D509] Swisscom (Q16/15): Proposed 14 optical channels with 200 GHZ spacing for short haul, multi-channel, inter-domain interface in G.959.1
[COM15-D510] KDD (Q6/15): A result of performance evaluation of IP-based circuit multiplexing schemes
[COM15-D511] ADC Telecommunications, Inc. (Q21/15): Requirements and suggestions for G.TIGIN
[COM15-D512] Centillium Technology (Q4/15): Comments on voice over G.lite-bis
[COM15-D513] NTT, Matsushita, Sumitomo, Oki, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Fujitsu, and Nec (Q4/15): G.VDSL: VDSL spectrum in TCM-ISDN environment
[COM15-D514] NTT (Q4/15): G-VDSL: Proposal for VDSL system performance requirements in an environment co-existing with TCM-ISDN DSL
[COM15-D515] NTT (Q4/15): G.shdsl: Proposal for TDD-based SHDSL system performance requirements in an environment co-existing with TCM-ISDN DSL
[COM15-D516] Hitachi Telecom (USA), Inc. (Q11/15, Q16/15): A proposal for a rate-preserving OCh approach
[COM15-D517] United States of America (Q11/15, Q16/15): Applications of FEC to terrestrial systems
[COM15-D518] Hitachi Telecom (USA), Inc. (Q11/15, Q16/15): Consideration of OCh overhead allocation and usage
[COM15-D519] Hitachi Telecom (USA), Lucent Technologies, Nortel Networks, Sprint, Telcordia Technologies (Q11/15, Q16/15): TDM for OCh
[COM15-D520] Italy (Q18/15): Comments on G.977 Draft Rec.
[COM15-D521] Mitel Corporation (Canada) (Q4/15): G.VDSL: Line Code
[COM15-D522] Nortel Networks (Canada) (Q7/15): Clarification on the Generation of Echo-Path Model g(k)
[COM15-D523] Pirelli Cavi e Sistemi S.P.A. (Q16/15): IPR issues related to the Optical Service Channel (OSC) implementation in new Draft Recommendation G.959.1
[COM15-D524] Pirelli Cavi e Sistemi S.P.A. (Q16/15): Draft Recommendation G.691, as edited in COM 15-138-E, and changes agreed on the text of Annex D during the 12-23 October 1998 SG 15 meeting.
[COM15-D525] United States of America (Q11/15): Revision to ITU-T G.707 Appendix VII Enhanced remote defect indication
[COM15-D526] Tellabs Oy (Q7/15): Editorial Amendments to G.168 (2000)
[COM15-D527] United States of America(Q15/15): Draft CW test method for fibre nonlinear coefficient
[COM15-D528] Cenelec TC86BXA (Q17/15): Fibre-optic connectors: values for parameters considered in G.671
[COM15-D529] United Kingdom (Q11/15, Q16/15): Simplified 40 km Inter-Domain Interface Specification
[COM15-D530] Ministry of Information and Industry(MII) of China (Q15/15): Reference test method for Polarization Mode Dispersion (PMD)
[COM15-D531] Lucent Technologies NL (Q16/15): Proposal to update the STM-64 optical interface spec in Draft G.691 before decision
[COM15-D532] Lucent Technologies NL (Q16/15): Confirmation of set of 16 wavelengths for OTN applications in G.959.1
[COM15-D533] United States of America (Q13/15): Optical Network Management Requirements - Network Provider View
[COM15-D534] France Telecom (Q17/15, (Q19/15): Reliability data handbook
[COM15-D535] ETSI (Q4/15): ETSI VDSL Specification Functional Requirements
[COM15-D536] British Telecom, CSELT, Telia, Telstra (Q4/15): A proposal to enable the co-existence of VDSL and HPNA systems by means of frequency separation
[COM15-D537] British Telecom (Q4/15): Practical measurements on the effect of HPNA systems on VDSL reach
[COM15-D538] Alcatel (Q16/15): Comments on Alcatel's wavelength allocation of a 16-channel WDM system in a metropolitan network of G.959.1 due to COM 15-141-E
[COM15-D539] AT&T (Q5/15): Proposed work topics within Question 5/15
[COM15-D540] AT&T (Q6/15): Accepted text for Implementor's Guide to Rec. G.763
[COM15-D541] AT&T (Q6/15): Accepted text for Implementor's Guide to Rec. G.767
[COM15-D542] AT&T (Q21/15, (Q6/15): Proposed guidelines for Recommendation experiments specific to signal processing network equipment functionality
[COM15-D543] Marconi Communications (Q13/15): Proposed changes to G.784
[COM15-D544] Tellabs (Q5/15): Proposed new attributes to G.776.1. Attributes appendix.
[COM15-D545] Alcatel (Q10/15): Proposal for AIS insertion modeling in Annex D/I.732
[COM15-D546] Alcatel (Q10/15): Proposal for loopback atomic functions in Annex D/I.732
[COM15-D547] Alcatel (Q10/15): Discussion of a proposed solution for Loopback Model
[COM15-D548] Alcatel (Q10/15): Proposal for segment end-point modeling in Annex D/I.732
[COM15-D549] Ericsson (Q11/15): OMS DCC in the OTN NNI
[COM15-D550] Alcatel (Q15/15, Q16/15): Proposal for a new fiber type, optimized for long distance and high bit rate applications
[COM15-D551] ETRI Korea (Q16/15): Method for monitoring and controlling of multi-channel wavelength, linewidth and spacing in a WDM system
[COM15-D552] Deutsche Telekom (Q7/15): Editorial changes and proposal for test 2C: Convergence test in the presence of background noise
[COM15-D553] Nokia (Q11/15): Addition of a new sub-STM-1 bit-rate and related frame structure in G.707
[COM15-D554] Tektronix (Q16/15, Q9/15): Alternative method for CID test of Recs. G.783, G.957/G.958
[COM15-D555] Tektronix (Q16/15): Reliably assessing low-error rate system performance and minimizing the test time required for practical assessment
[COM15-D556] Nortel Networks (Q16/15): STM-64 application code and its set of parameters for the next revision of G.692
[COM15-D557] Nortel Networks (Q16/15): STM-16 application code and a new target distance for the next revision of G.692
[COM15-D558] British Telecom (Q13/15, Q14/15): Dial-up connections in the OTN
[COM15-D559] British Telecom (Q13/15, Q14/15): Provisioning in the OTN
[COM15-D560] British Telecom (Q13/15, Q14/15): Separation of OCh overhead and FEC in digital wrappers
[COM15-D561] British Telecom (Q13/15, Q14/15): OTN OAM
[COM15-D562] NTT and CLPAJ (Q15/15): Comments on COM 15-152 (USA)
[COM15-D563] Matsushita Electric Industries (Q4/15): G.hs.bis: Retransmission enhancement
[COM15-D564] Matsushita Electric Industries (Q4/15): G.gen.bis: Document format and structure
[COM15-D565] Matsushita Electric Industries (Q4/15): G.gen.bis: Power control for xDSL
[COM15-D566] Deutsche Telekom (Q9/15, Q11/15): Functional description of some ONNI processes
[COM15-D567] Deutsche Telekom (Q11/15): Support of the G.975 Digital Wrapper
[COM15-D568] Deutsche Telekom (Q9/15, Q11/15, Q16/15): Bit rates of OCh; payload dependent or some discrete bit rates
[COM15-D569] Deutsche Telekom (Q9/15, Q11/15, Q16/15): Proposal for OCh bit rates
[COM15-D570] Deutsche Telekom (Q9/15, Q11/15, Q16/15): Connectivity supervision inside transparent domains (islands)
[COM15-D571] Deutsche Telekom (Q11/15, Q9/15): Functions at OTN-IrDI
[COM15-D572] Deutsche Telekom (Q11/15): Interworking between OTN and other WDM systems
[COM15-D573] Deutsche Telekom (Q11/15, Q16/15, Q9/15): OAM functions of the IrDI
[COM15-D574] Sumitomo Electric, Toshiba, Fujitsu, NEC, Matsushita, Oki Electric, Mitsubishi Electric, NTT (Q4/15): G.shdsl:Line code selection for G.shdsl Annex in the TCM-ISDN environment
[COM15-D575] Alcatel (Q4/15): G.vdsl interoperation with ADSL, where ADSL is deployed from the cabinet
[COM15-D576] Alcatel (Q4/15): G.shdsl - Evaluating its crosstalk on ADSL and its duplexing under self-NEXT
[COM15-D577] Alcatel (Q4/15): Comparison of Multi-Carrier and Single-Carrier sample distributions
[COM15-D578] Lucent Technologies Nederland (Q10/15): Text for version 2 ATM VP and ATM VC segment functions in Annex D/I.732
[COM15-D579] Lucent Technologies Nederland (Q10/15): Text proposal for ATM VP and ATM VC loopback functions in Annex D/I.732
[COM15-D580] Lucent Technologies Nederland (Q10/15): Overview of ATM protection types in functional model terminology
[COM15-D581] Lucent Technologies Nederland (Q10/15): Use end-to-end APS OAM cell in all trail and SNC protection types
[COM15-D582] Lucent Technologies Nederland (Q10/15): References to I.432.1 in annex D/I.732 are incorrect
[COM15-D583] Lucent Technologies Nederland (Q10/15): Editorial incorrectness in traffic management functions in annex D/I.732
[COM15-D584] Lucent Technologies Nederland (Q10/15): Overview of ATM atomic functions for inclusion in annex D/I.732 and/or I.731
[COM15-D585] Lucent Technologies Nederland (Q10/15): Proposal to include VP and VC characteristic and adapted information definitions in annex D/I.732
[COM15-D586] Lucent Technologies Nederland (Q10/15): Proposal to move OAM discard process from termination to adaptation functions in annex D/I.732
[COM15-D587] Lucent Technologies Nederland (Q10/15): Atomic function symbols in annex D/I.732 are incomplete
[COM15-D588] Lucent Technologies Nederland (Q10/15): Text for segment AIS insertion in TP/VP_A_Sk and VP/VC_A_Sk functions in annex D/I.732
[COM15-D589] LM Ericsson (Q4/15): Selectable PSDs for VDSL
[COM15-D590] LM Ericsson (Q4/15): PAR and statistical properties of VDSL signals
[COM15-D591] United States of America (Q9/15, Q13/15, Q14/15): Alarm reporting control generic management requirements
[COM15-D592] United States of America (Q9/15, Q13/15, Q14/15): OTN alarm reporting control management requirements
[COM15-D593] Siemens AG (Q4/15): G.vdsl: the size of POTS splitters: VDSL vs. ADSL
[COM15-D594] Siemens AG (Q4/15): G.vdsl: Measured performance of single carrier modulation-based VDSL
[COM15-D595] Siemens AG (Q4/15): A new question for HPNA
[COM15-D596] Ericsson (Q11/15, Q16/15): FEC using two interleaved hamming codes
[COM15-D597] Ericsson (Q11/15, Q16/15): Initial ambition level for the IaDI in G.959.1
[COM15-D598] Ericsson, Lucent (Q16/15): Status from the correspondance group: The short-haul, multiwavelengh IrDI
[COM15-D599] Bell Atlantic (Q16/15): Proposal for standardization of intra-domain interfaces
[COM15-D600] United States of America (Q16/15): Application codes: Proposed notation
[COM15-D601] United States of America (Q16/15): Additional parameters for short haul IrDI and proposed new parameters for inclusion in Table 6-1/G.959.1
[COM15-D602] Lucent Technologies NL (Q16/15): Proposal for new application codes for the single-channel IrDI spec in draft G.959.1 with possible relation to an update Rec. G.691
[COM15-D603] Tektronix (Q16/15): Eye pattern mask specification methodology for draft new Recommendation G.959.1
[COM15-D604] Tektronix and Wavetek Wandel Goltermann (Q9/15): Clarification of jitter measurements in Recommendation G.783
[COM15-D605] Deutsche Telekom (Q16/15, Q20/15): Application code for systems with dispersion accomodation
[COM15-D606] ETSI-TM6 (Q4/15): ETSI VDSL specification (part 2) transceiver specification
[COM15-D607] Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (Q6/15): Proposed amendment to draft annex J to Recommendation G.728
[COM15-D608] Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (Q6/15): Necessity of discussion on exchanging encoding format profiles in VAME
[COM15-D609] Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (Q6/15): Necessity of further investigation on User State Control Procedure in I.733 (VAME)
[COM15-D610] Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (Q6/15): Proposal of adding V.33 training packet format for VAME operation
[COM15-D611] Lucent Technologies (Q11/15): Rewording G.707, section "regenerator section trace: JO
[COM15-D612] Lucent Technologies (Q11/15): Enghancement of AU numbering scheme in G.707
[COM15-D613] Lucent Technologies (Q11/15): Overview of TTI and API specifications, to be used as clarification in G.707
[COM15-D614] Lucent Technologies Germany (Q16/15): Performance behaviour of WDM transmission on G.653 fibres
[COM15-D615] Lucent Technologies Germany (Q16/15): Updated parameter specification for a short-haul (<40 KM) 16-channel point-to-point WDM application in G.959.1
[COM15-D616] Deutsche Telekom (Q9/15,11/15): EDC for digital signals greater than 600 Mbit/s
[COM15-D617] Deutsche Telekom (Q11/15): Supervision of contiguous concatenated VC-4s
[COM15-D618] Deutsche Telekom (Q11/15): Proposal for an electrical sSTM-11 NNI
[COM15-D619] Deutsche Telekom (Q11/15): Interconnection between OTN and SDH
[COM15-D620] Deutsche Telekom (Q11/15): RS-TCM
[COM15-D621] Deutsche Telekom (Q13/15): DCC protocol stack of sub STM-0 (sSTM) interfaces
[COM15-D622] Deutsche Telekom (Q11/15): TCM option 2 for contiguous concatenated VC-4s
[COM15-D623] Sweden (Q4/15): Decision of Recommendations G.99x
[COM15-D624] Sweden (Q4/15): Linecode choice for G.vdsl
[COM15-D625] Siemens (Q4/15): G.vdsl: "On evolution and complexity of A/D converters for VDSL"
[COM15-D626] Siemens (Q4/15): G.vdsl: Differential capacity
[COM15-D627] Adtran, Level One (Q4/15): G.shdsl: Framing proposal
[COM15-D628] KDD Corporation (Q15/15, Q16/15, Q17/15, Q18/15): Comments on COM15-152 (USA; Revisions of Recommendations G.652 and G.655 fibres)
[COM15-D629] NEC Corporation, Japan (Q18/15): New frame format for the forward error correction for G.975
[COM15-D630] Hermes Europe Railtel (Q11/15): The optical channel scratchpad: A technique to support tandem connection monitoring
[COM15-D631] Telefonica de España (Q17/15): Fibre-optic connectors: Values for parameters considered in G.671
[COM15-D632] KDD Corporation (Q15/15, 18/15): Proposed revisions of COM15-157 (test methods for PMD) and COM15-158 (PMD round robin measurements)
[COM15-D633] Alcatel (Q4/15): G.vdsl - Physical medium specific proposal
[COM15-D634] Alcatel (Q4/15): G.gen-bis - Robuster tone ordering and flexible pilot allocation
[COM15-D635] Tellabs Oy (Q7/15): Editorial Amendments to G.168 (2000)
[COM15-D636] Tellabs Oy (Q7/15): Draft New Recommendation C.Cdnec.0 for Consideration in Study Period 2001 - 2004
[COM15-D637] Tellabs Oy (Q7/15): Draft New Recommendation C.Cdnec.1 for Consideration in Study Period 2001 - 2004
[COM15-D638] Tellabs Oy (Q7/15): Draft New Recommendation C.Cdnec.2 for Consideration in Study Period 2001 - 2004
[COM15-D639] Texas Instruments (Q4/15): G.VDSL: Measured performance of DMT-based VDSL
[COM15-D640] Texas Instruments (Q4/15): G.VDSL: Estimating the performance of DMT-based FDD VDSL modems using measurements of DMT-based TDD modem
[COM15-D641] Texas Instruments (Q4/15): G.VDSL: Currents and projected digital complexity of DMT VDSL
[COM15-D642] Texas Instruments (Q4/15): G.VDSL: Complexity comparision of DMT VDSL with QAM based VDSL
[COM15-D643] Texas Instruments, DSC, Globespan, Nortel Networks, Samsung, IBM, NEC America (Q4/15): G.VDSL: Statement of feasibility of DMT VDSL
[COM15-D644] Texas Instruments (Q4/15): G.VDSL: Some implementation issues relevant to VDSL A/D converters for digital duplexing
[COM15-D645] Texas Instruments (Q4/15): G.VDSL: VDSL global performance requirement verification
[COM15-D646] Texas Instruments (Q4/15): G.vdsl: Recommendation of digital frequency-division duplexing for VDSL
[COM15-D647] Texas Instruments, Lucent (Q4/15): G.vdsl: G.vdsl requirements restated from PO-023
[COM15-D648] Texas Instruments (Q4/15): G.vdsl: Comparison of Multi-carrier and Single-carrier Modulation on the basis of performance and complexity
[COM15-D649] IBM, Globespan (Q4/15): G.vdsl: CAP/QAM, DMT, and filter-bank modulation techniques for VDSL
[COM15-D650] Analog Devices, Broadcom Corporation, Globespan Technologies, Lucent Technologies, General Instruments/NLCCorporation (Q4/15): G.vdsl: Universal Band Allocation Plan for FDD VDSL
[COM15-D651] Lucent Technologies (Q4/15): G.vdsl: Reducing ADC Resolution by Using Analog Band-pass Filters in FDD based VDSL
[COM15-D652] Lucent Technologies (Q4/15): G.vdsl: On ADC and DAC Resolution Requirements for DMT/FDD based VDSL
[COM15-D653] Broadcom Corporation (Q4/15): Proposal for Additional VDSL Systems Requirements for Specification of Broadcast and Mobile Ingress Sources
[COM15-D654] Broadcom Corporation (Q4/15): Laboratory Measurements of a QAM-Based VDSL Transceiver Being Used in Commercial Mass Market Service Deployments
[COM15-D655] Broadcom Corporation (Q4/15): Comparison of QAM and DMT Simulations with Measured QAM Performance Results
[COM15-D656] Broadcom Corporation (Q4/15): Analog Front End Dynamic Range Requirements for Programmable Spectrum VDSL Systems
[COM15-D657] Broadcom Corporation (Q4/15): Service Time-to-Market Implications of ADSL/VDSL Interoperability
[COM15-D658] Broadcom Corporation (Q4/15): Summary Comparison of QAM and DMT for VDSL Recommendation
[COM15-D659] Lucent Technologies (Q4/15): VDSL Requirements from a System Providers Perspective
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