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Delayed Contributions. Meeting: 9-20 February 1998. From D145 to D275

List of Delayed Contributions (Meeting: 9-20 February 1998)
[COM15-D145] Italy (Q15/15): Future evolution of Recommendation G.651 "Characteristics of a 50/125 Ám multimode graded index optical fibre cable"
[COM15-D146] Italy (Q15/15): Longitudinal uniformity
[COM15-D147] Belgium: Proposed goals for inclusion in the terms of reference for G.lite
[COM15-D148] Siemens AG, Germany (Q9/15): Signal degrade on protection and extra traffic
[COM15-D149] Siemens AG, Germany (Q9/15): Clear of WTR for linear protection schemes
[COM15-D150] 3 COM (Q4/15): PAR Reduction in Multicarrier Transmission Systems
[COM15-D151] Siemens AG, Germany (Q9/15): Comments on G.841
[COM15-D152] Deutsche Telekom AG (Q4/15): Discussion on G.lite
[COM15-D153] Alcatel and Italy (Q16/15): Improved Parameter Specification of STM-64 Systems with optical Amplifiers in Draft Recs. G.691A and G.691B derived from Theoretical Relationship of BER versus OSNR and Optical Receiver Power (Pin or Psens)
[COM15-D154] Siemens AG, Germany (Q11/15, Q9/15, Q19/13): Living list of Overhead for Optical networks
[COM15-D155] Siemens AG, Germany (Q9/15): Outline of G.oef
[COM15-D156] NEC (Q4/15): Proposed Annex III of G.dmt, ADSL under TCM-ISDN noise environment
[COM15-D157] NTT(Q15/15): Comments on alternative test method for mode field diameter (not electronically available!)
[COM15-D158] NTT (Q15/15, Q16/15, Q17/15): Optical transmission properties of G.653 fibre in the 1600nm region
[COM15-D159] NTT (Q9/15): Unprotected traffic in SNC protection (not electronically available!)
[COM15-D160] NTT (Q9/15): Unprotected traffic in SNC protection for interworking between network layers (not electronically available!)
[COM15-D161] NTT (Q11/15, Q20/15, Q9/15): Promotion of new draft Recommendations for optical networking (not electronically available!)
[COM15-D162] NTT (Q11/15, Q16/15, Q9/15): Overhead transport methods in optical channel layer network and OTU format definition (not electronically available!)
[COM15-D163] NTT (Q11/15): Optical channel signal format exploiting SDH technologies (not electronically available!)
[COM15-D164] NTT (Q11/15, Q9/15): Association of OCH overhead types and OCH adaptation (not electronically available!)
[COM15-D165] NTT (Q11/15, Q9/15): OCH/CLIENT adaptation examples (not electronically available!)
[COM15-D166] NTT (Q11/15, Q9/15): OCH overhead information description (not electronically available!)
[COM15-D167] NTT (Q14/15): A study on ATM transfer capability (ATC) modeling
[COM15-D168] Bosch Telecom (Q14/15): Draft new G.774 implementor's guide (not electronically available!)
[COM15-D169] Bosch Telecom (Q14/15): Removal of optical source SPI current data and electrical source SPI current data managed object class FG.774-01 (not electronically available!)
[COM15-D170] Tele Danmark (Q16/15): Influence from Stimulated Raman Scattering on WDM transmission on G.653 fibres
[COM15-D171] United States of America (Q16/15): Considerations for standardising interfaces for optical networking (not electronically available!)
[COM15-D172] MCI Telecommunications Corporation (Q16/15): Inter carrier interface-Evolutionary aspects of the sport-haul optical network interface (not electronically available!)
[COM15-D173] MCI Telecommunications Corporation (Q13/15, Q16/15, Q19/15, Q20/15, Q9/15): MCI comments on the optical network living list (not electronically available!)
[COM15-D174] United States of America (Q4/15): Status of G.lite in G.hs in the US
[COM15-D175] AMD (Q4/15): Technology extensions for G.dmt/G.lite/G.hs to support consumer mid-band co and CP modems
[COM15-D176] AMD (Q4/15): Empirical characterization of in-home telephone wiring
[COM15-D177] France Telecom (Q9/15): Introduction in GT.783 of the transport of a VC-11 by a TU-12
[COM15-D178] France Telecom (Q9/15): AN SDH Network protection architecture using multi-channel techniques
[COM15-D179] BT (Q10/15): Proposal to enhance I.731 & I.732 taking advantage of the work done in ETSI
[COM15-D180] BT (Q7/15): Proposed Values for G.ALC Measurements and Results
[COM15-D181] BT (Q7/15): Notes on controlling echo cancellers when using the serial RS232 connection to perform G.168 tests
[COM15-D182] UK (Q4/15): UK position concerning G.lite
[COM15-D183] BT (Q10/15, Q6/13): An architectural solution to the problem of UPC/NPC and monitoring
[COM15-D184] UK (Q5/15): VC APS protocol
[COM15-D185] Tellabs Oy (Q7/15): Proposed minimum criteria for compliance to G.168
[COM15-D186] Tellabs Oy (Q7/15): Proposal to combine tests 1 and 2
[COM15-D187] Tellabs Oy (Q7/15): Test 2 modification proposal to add an echo path switch condition in G.168(2000) - Revised
[COM15-D188] Tellabs Oy (Q7/15): Proposal to correct conflict in test 7 requirements in G.168(2000)
[COM15-D189] Tellabs Oy (Q7/15): Conflicting requirements in test 2A of Recommendation G.168
[COM15-D190] Tellabs Oy (Q7/15): Conflicting requirements in test 2B of Recommendation G.168
[COM15-D191] United States of America (Q4/15): Proposal to send liaison to Study Group 16 Regarding G.lite Requirements
[COM15-D192] Paradyne (Q4/15): Proposed G.lite characteristics checklist
[COM15-D193] Paradyne (Q4/15): Proposed next step for development of a DSL-lite Recommendation
[COM15-D194] Lucent Technologies NL (Q16/15): Proposal for principles for APSD procedure in optical Networking
[COM15-D195] Lucent Technologies NL and Italy (Q16/15): Additional considerations on jitter production specifications in G.958
[COM15-D196] Lucent Technologies NL (Q16/15): Discussion items on optical safety related to optical networking
[COM15-D197] Lucent Technologies NL (Q16/15): Response to White Contribution COM15-42-E on 55 dB attenuation ranges from Brazil
[COM15-D198] United States of America (Q16/15): G.692 Application codes for Sixteen-Channel WDM systems
[COM15-D199] United States of America (Q16/15): Proposal to delay decision on revision of G.958
[COM15-D200] United States of America (Q11/15): Revision to ITU-T Recommendation G.707 AU-n pointer (H1, H2, H3) coding
[COM15-D201] United States of America (Q11/15): Correction to ITU-T G.707 Appendix VII Enhanced Remote Defect Indication
[COM15-D202] United States of America (Q9/15): Addition to ITU-T Recommendation G.783 Appendix III.2 Remote Error Indication (REI)
[COM15-D203] United States of America (Q6/15): Addition to ITU-T Recommendation G.783 Annex C algorithm for pointer detection
[COM15-D204] Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. LTD (Japan), (Q4/15): Proposed techniques for G.HS
[COM15-D205] Nokia Corporation (Q14/15): Modelling of MON/NMON/AUTO alarm monitoring mode of termination points as defined in Rec. G. 783 (Amendments to Rec. G.774)
[COM15-D206] Texas Instruments Inc (Q4/15): Clipping mitigation techniques for G.dmt and G.lite
[COM15-D207] Texas Instruments Inc (Q4/15): Suggestions for ITU ADSL: G.lite, G.dmt, and G.hs
[COM15-D208] Texas Instruments Inc (Q4/15): Issues Surrounding Splitterless ATU-R Installation
[COM15-D209] France Telecom (Q17/15): Proposal on all optical regenerator classification
[COM15-D210] USA-ADM (Q4/15): Some proposed goals for inclusion in the terms of reference for G.lite (not electronically available!)
[COM15-D211] Northern Telecom Inc. (Q16/15): Application codes for bi-directional WDM with STM-64 channels (not electronically available!)
[COM15-D212] Deutsche Telekom AG (Q7/15): Proposal to test no.10 - Fascimile test during call establishment phase
[COM15-D213] BT, Deutsche Telekom AG (Q8/15): Proposed text for Recommendation I.ATM-V
[COM15-D214] NTT (Q16/15): Laser safety considerations for high-power multichannel systems
[COM15-D215] Italy (Q16/15): Parameters for S-64.2 systems
[COM15-D216] Alcatel Italia and Italy (Q16/15, Q20/15, Q9/15, Q13/15): Transparency and phased approach to the Optical Network
[COM15-D217] Alcatel Italia and Italy (Q16/15, Q9/15, Q13/15): Optical Supervisory Channel in the Optical Network
[COM15-D218] Italy (Q18/15): Proposed modification of the G.oass draft Rec.
[COM15-D219] Alcatel Italia and Italy (Q16/15): WDM in Metropolitan Networks
[COM15-D220] Alcatel Italia and Italy (Q16/15): APSD and ALS in the Optical Network
[COM15-D221] Italy (Q15/15, Q16/15, Q18/15): Values and measurement methods of the non linear refractive index, n2, for G.652 and G.653 fibers
[COM15-D222] Alcatel Italia and Italy (Q4/15): Proposed goals for inclusion in the terms of reference for G.lite
[COM15-D223] United States of America (Q15/15): Proposal for future enhancements to G.650: Glass geometry reference test method
[COM15-D224] Lucent Technologies Germany (Q16/15): Proposal for completing transmitter interface specifications by using transmitter eye-mask in draft Rec. G.691
[COM15-D225] Siemens AG Munich (Q16/15): Jitter accumulation in a chain of SDH regenerators
[COM15-D226] BT (Q13/15, Q14/15): A simple rule for managing Optical Networks
[COM15-D227] Lucent Technologies Nederland (Q11/15): Text proposal for PDH RDI defect in G.775
[COM15-D228] France Telecom (Q16/15): Proposal for the extension of the Rec. G.691 and G.692 to STM-64 systems using RZ pulses (Dispersion managed solitons)
[COM15-D229] France Telecom (Q16/15, Q20/15): Proposed evaluation parameters and network topologies and dimensioning for the elaboration of the Rec. G.onp.
[COM15-D230] Alcatel SEL AG (Q13/15, Q14/15): Reporting control of communications alarm notifications
[COM15-D231] Alcatel SEL AG (Q14/15): Semantics of the attribute operational state of TPs in G.774
[COM15-D232] Alcatel SEL AG, BT, GPT Telecom, AT&T (Q9/15, Q11/15): Results of tests on virtual concatenated VC-4s (not electronically available!)
[COM15-D233] Alcatel Cable (Q18/15): Comments on COM15-44 (regarding draft Recommendation G.oass)
[COM15-D234] Alcatel Cable (Q15/15, Q18/15): Comments on COM15-67 (regarding reference test method for PMD)
[COM15-D235] Alcatel Cable (Q18/15): Proposed re-structuring of submarine cable system Recommendations
[COM15-D236] Alcatel Cable (Q18/15): Proposed definition of 'cable-ship'
[COM15-D237] USA-ADM (Q9/15): What is an optical network element? (not electronically available!)
[COM15-D238] USA-ADM (Q11/15): What is the OTN NNI? (not electronically available!)
[COM15-D239] USA-ADM (Q11/15): The mapping of HDLC framed payload into SDH virtual containers (not electronically available!)
[COM15-D240] USA-ADM (Q14/15): Synchronous digital hierarchy (SDH) management of the multiplex section (MS) share protection ring (SPR) for the network element view
[COM15-D241] L M Ericsson (Q4/15): Request for POTS splitter in G.dmt
[COM15-D242] L M Ericsson (Q4/15): Request for continuation of work on G.lite
[COM15-D243] Siemens AG, Germany (Q16/15, Q11/15, Q20/15, Q19/13): Extra modulation of Optical Channels by spread spectrum techniques
[COM15-D244] Intel Corporation, Compaq Computer Corporation, Microsoft, Bell South, SBC, Sprint Corporation, US West, Bell Atlantic, GTE, Ameritech, AMD, Analog Devices, Aware, Texas Instruments, Motorola (Q4/15): Proposals for the continuation of work on G.lite
[COM15-D245] Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (Q6/15): Channel check test procedures for 16k DCME
[COM15-D246] Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (Q6/15): Transmission bit-order of assignment messages
[COM15-D247] United States of America (Q4/15): G.lite Terms of Reference
[COM15-D248] United States of America (Q4/15): Upstream bandwith requirements for G.lite
[COM15-D249] United States of America (Q4/15): Splitter-less DSL, a closer look
[COM15-D250] Bosch Telecom (Q20/15): Answers to questions raised in the Living List
[COM15-D251] Bosch Telecom (Q20/15, Q16/15): Possibilities of overhead transportation in Optical Transport Networks
[COM15-D252] Bosch Telecom (Q20/15, Q16/15): Optical networking monitoring
[COM15-D253] Bosch Telecom (Q20/15): Questions to be added to the Living List
[COM15-D254] Deutsche Telekom, Bosch Telecom (Q16/15): Automatic power shutdown in Optical Transport Networks
[COM15-D255] Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications of China (Q9/15): Enhancement of the synchronization status message (SSM) function
[COM15-D256] Rockwell International (Q4/15): Evaluation of interference between DSL and POTS channels for G.lite - Splitterless operation
[COM15-D257] Nortel, Canada (Q7/15): Comparison of in-band and out-band signaling for disabling network signal processing equipment to facilitate the transmission of compressed speech data
[COM15-D258] NTT (Q2/15): Proposed draft G.PONB Recommendation for ATM-PON system (not electronically available!)
[COM15-D259] Kokusai Denshin Denwa Co, LTD (Q15/15): Test method for effective area (Aeff) of single mode optical fibres by variable aperture in the far-field measurement technique
[COM15-D260] Kokusai Denshin Denwa Co LTD (Q15/15): Test method for nonlinear coefficient (n2/Aeff) of single mode optical fibres by self-phase modulation measurement technique (not electronically available!)
[COM15-D261] Israel, MOC (Q5/15): DCME configuration map printout (G.print)
[COM15-D262] Israel, MOC (Q5/15): Notes about draft Recommendation G.smo (6/97)
[COM15-D263] Pirelli Cavi e Sistemi S.p.A. (16/15): Statement on patents concerning G.692 draft Recommendation
[COM15-D264] L M Ericsson (Q11/15): EMC and connection to earth of cable screen/shields in G.703
[COM15-D265] L M Ericsson (Q13/15): Clarification of the maintenance performance monitoring application
[COM15-D266] L M Ericsson (Q13/15): Clarification of the long term network performance characterisation performance monitoring application
[COM15-D267] L M Ericsson (Q13/15): Different SES thresholds
[COM15-D268] L M Ericsson (Q13/15): Unspecified performance monitoring applications
[COM15-D269] L M Ericsson (Q11/15, Q9/15): Definition of remote defect indication for PDH signals
[COM15-D270] Ascom (Q10/15): Transmission and multiplexing (TM); Generic requirements of ATM transport functionality within equipment (draft EN/TM-01016-1-1)
[COM15-D271] 3Com (Q4/15): Suggested xDSL negotiation signaling based on V.8
[COM15-D272] 3Com (4/15): Suggested terms of reference - G.lite
[COM15-D273] Aware Inc (Q4/15): Splitterless G.lite interoperability with ANSI T1.413 and/or G.DMT
[COM15-D274] Aware Inc (Q4/15): Splitterless DMT system design and measurements (not electronically available!)
[COM15-D275] Italtel S.p.A (Q11/15, Q13/15, Q14/15): Data Communication Channels for STM-O
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