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Delayed Contributions. Meeting: 3-14 April 2000. From D660 to D850

List of Delayed Contributions. Meeting: 3-14 April 2000.
[COM15-D660] State Committee on Telecommunication and informatization of Ukraine (Q11/15): Proposals for the revision of Recommendation G.703
[COM15-D661] Canada (Q15/15): Consolidated PMD reference test method by stokes parameter evaluation
[COM15-D662] Canada (Q7/15): An effective double reflection echo-path model for the fax test
[COM15-D663] Nortel Networks (Canada), (Q4/15): G.GEN: Balance requirements to control interference from home wiring into AM receivers
[COM15-D664] Nortel Networks (Canada) (Q4/15): G.DMT.BIS: Egress control measures
[COM15-D665] Nortel Networks (Canada): G.lite.BIS: A G.992.2 premise spectral density mask to prevent interference with AM reception
[COM15-D666] Marconi Communications Ltd., UK (Q9/15): Avoiding timing loops in multiple port connections
[COM15-D667] Alcatel (Q15/15, Q16/15): Complement to COM15-161 and comment to COM15-171 (USA)
[COM15-D668] State Committee on Telecommunication and Informatization of Ukraine (Q1/15, Q2/15, Q3/15, Q4/15): Proposals on the revision of the ANT standardization plan
[COM15-D669] L.M. Ericsson (Q10/15): Proposed modified Recommendation I.731
[COM15-D670] Korea Telecom (Q1/15, Q2/15, Q20/15): Transmission of VDSL signal over HFTP (Hybrid-Fiber/Twistedpair)
[COM15-D671] Siemens AG, Deutsche Telekom AG, Infineon Technologies AG, Alcatel SEL AG (Q4/15): G.991.2 (G.shdsl): Symbol rates for asymmetric PSDS in annex B
[COM15-D672] Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT), (Q1/15): Gaps in the XDSL Recommendations
[COM15-D673] Lucent Technologies, EMEA (Q11/15): G.707 annex A. In-band FEC performance should be informative
[COM15-D674] Deutsche Telekom (Q9/15, Q11/15): Clear channel in the OCh reserved for network operators
[COM15-D675] Deutsche Telekom (Q9/15, Q11/15): Assignment of DCC for the LnG frame in the case of single channel IrDIs
[COM15-D676] Deutsche Telekom (Q9/15, Q11/15): Specification of VC-4-256c
[COM15-D677] Deutsche Telekom (Q9/15, Q11/15): Recursive conversion from contiguous to virtual concatenation
[COM15-D678] Deutsche Telekom (Q11/15): MS-DCC bandwidth for STM-256
[COM15-D679] Deutsche Telekom (Q9/15, Q11/15): Monitoring overhead for the LnG frame
[COM15-D680] Editor Rec. G.806 (Q9/15): New Draft Recommendation G.806
[COM15-D681] This document has been deleted
[COM15-D682] NTT (Q16/15, Q20/15): Optical parameters on OCH-40G in OTN
[COM15-D683] NTT (Q15/15, Q16/15): Intra-office multichannel IRDI on G.653 fibres
[COM15-D684] NTT (Q16/15): Error occurrence statistics in PMD limited optical transmission systems
[COM15-D685] NTT (Q11/15, Q16/15): Error occurence statistics in WDM transmission systems limited by four wave mixing induced cross-talk
[COM15-D686] Alcatel (Q10/15, Q11/15): Interworking problem for the new signal label management proposed in G.707
[COM15-D687] L M Ericsson (Q11/15): Experimental payload type
[COM15-D688] Japan (Q all): Clarification of patent situation for G.655 fibres
[COM15-D689] NTT and CLPAJ (Q15/15): Comments on COM 15-175 (USA)
[COM15-D690] NTT and CLPAJ (Q15/15): Comments on COM 15-171 (USA)
[COM15-D691] NTT and CLPAJ (Q15/15): Attenuation characteristics of G.652 fibres in the 1600 NM wavelengh region
[COM15-D692] UK (Q7/15): Results of network testing of V.34 fax through echo cancellers
[COM15-D693] BT plc on behalf of ETSI TC TM WG TM6 (Q4/15): G.993.1 (ex-G.vdsl) issues list - Comments from ETSI TC TM WG TM6
[COM15-D694] Texas Instruments, CISCO (Q4/15): G.DMT.BIS: Extentions enabling minimum complexity voice band telephony services
[COM15-D695] Texas Instruments (Q4/15): G.gen.bis: Proposed new definition of S and other items for enhanced framing modes
[COM15-D696] Texas Instruments (Q4/15): G.993.1 (ex G.vdsl): VDSL operation on the same line as G.998.1 (ex G.pnt)
[COM15-D697] USA (Q9/15, Q11/15, Q13/15, Q14/15): Work on the automatic switched optical network
[COM15-D698] Lucent Technologies (Q11/15): Analysis of OCh error codes using 1 and 2 BIP bytes
[COM15-D699] Deutsche Telekom AG (Q7/15): Subjective and objective echo canceller testing - Fundamentals and suggestions for laboratory tests
[COM15-D700] AT&T (Q21/15): G.799.1 review activities
[COM15-D701] AT&T (Q5/15, Q6/15, Q7/15, Q21/15): Organization of network signal processing Recommendations
[COM15-D702] AT&T (Q6/15): Draft G.768 interoperability test group report
[COM15-D703] AT&T (Q5/15, Q6/15): G.776.1 items that need to be updated per G.767/G.768
[COM15-D704] At&T (Q5/15, Q6/15): Use of G.776.3 in G.763, G.767, G.768 equipment
[COM15-D705] AT&T (Q6/15): Additional items to include in G.767's implementor's guide
[COM15-D706] AT&T (Q6/15, Q7/15): Comfort noise interactions
[COM15-D707] AT&T (Q all): Objectives of Q5/15
[COM15-D708] AT&T (Q all): Future work in Q5/15
[COM15-D709] AT&T (Q5/15, Q6/15, Q7/15, Q8/15, Q21/15): Interoperability experiments
[COM15-D710] MCI WorldCom - USA (Q21/15): G.799.1 (formerly G.TIGIN) echo control configurations and sections
[COM15-D711] BT (Q7/15): Proposed editorial changes to test 8 of revised Recommendation G.168
[COM15-D712] France Telecom (Q7/15): Suggestions for improvement of Recommendation G.168
[COM15-D713] Alcatel (Q10/15): Proposal of protection switching functional description
[COM15-D714] Excess Bandwidth Corporation (Q4/15): G.991.2 (ex G.shdsl): Annex A Performance Specification
[COM15-D715] BroadCom, GTE, Lucent Technologies, Next Level Communications Inc., SBC Technology Resources, Inc., US WEST Communication (Q4/15): G.993.1 (ex G.vdsl): VDSL Band Plan for North America
[COM15-D716] Italy (Q15/15, Q16/15): Comments on the USA contribution COM 15-171-E titled: "Proposed revisions of Recommendations G.652 and G.655"
[COM15-D717] Italy (Q16/15, Q20/15): Comments on the proposal for the inclusion of VSR-64.x applications in draft new Recommendations G.691 and G.959.1
[COM15-D718] Italy (Q16/15, Q20/15): Proposed changes in draft new Rec. G.691
[COM15-D719] Italy (Q11/15, Q16/15, Q18/15, Q20/15): Proposed changes in draft Rec. G.691
[COM15-D720] NTT (Q11/15): Relationship between the LnG frame and OChnG frame
[COM15-D721] Centillium Communications, Inc. (Q4/15): G.gen: Comments on a Rate Adaptive DMT ADSL system
[COM15-D722] NTT (Q2/15): Remarks on the contribution COM15-164 "Editorial Comments on ITU-T G.983.2"
[COM15-D723] NTT (Q2/15, Q20/15): Proposal for Further Study on ATM-PON enhancement
[COM15-D724] Paradyne Corporation (Q4/15): G.gen: Adaptation to Non-stationary Processes
[COM15-D725] Paradyne Corporation (Q4/15): G.991.2 (ex G.shdsl): 4-Wire Space Diversity Convolutional Encoding
[COM15-D726] Paradyne Corporation (Q4/15): G.991.2 (ex G.shdsl): Interleaved convolutional encoder
[COM15-D727] Paradyne Corporation (Q4/15): G.991.2 (ex G.shdsl): Fractional bit mapping
[COM15-D728] Paradyne Corporation (Q4/15): G.gen: Data-Dependent Interference caused by G.703, T1.403 and T1.410
[COM15-D729] Italy (Q16/15): "max optical path penalty", "minimum extinction ratio" and "eye mask" parameter definitions to be inserted in sections, and of draft Rec. G959.1
[COM15-D730] Adtran (Q4/15): G.gen: Proposed Spectral Compatibility Definition and Services for All Digital Loop PSDs
[COM15-D731] Adtran (Q4/15): G.991.2 (ex G.shdsl): Proposed Text for Crosstalk PSD Definitions
[COM15-D732] Adtran (Q4/15): G.991.2 (ex G.shdsl): Crosstalk Scenarios and required noise margins
[COM15-D733] Adtran (Q4/15): G.991.2 (ex G.shdsl): Filling Some Gaps in the Draft Recommendation
[COM15-D734] Adtran (Q4/15): G.991.2 (ex G.shdsl): Preactivation Text Describing G.hs.bis
[COM15-D735] Adtran (Q4/15): Determination of draft new Recommendation G.991.2 (ex G.shdsl)
[COM15-D736] Adtran, Centillium Communications (Q4/15): Draft new Recommendation G.991.2 (ex G.shdsl) text for G.ref.bis
[COM15-D737] Adtran, Alcatel U.S.A (Q4/15): G.991.2 (ex-G.shdsl): EOC Management messages
[COM15-D738] Alcatel (Q16/15, Q20/15): SC and MC IrDI Specifications of a 16-Channel STM-64 WDM System in G.959.1
[COM15-D739] Alcatel (Q16/15, Q20/15): Parameter Definitions for G.959.1
[COM15-D740] Hitachi Telecom USA (Q9/15, Q11/15): OSC related failures
[COM15-D741] Aware, Inc. (Q4/15): G.gen: G.lite.bis and G.dmt.bis System Design enabling Seamless Rate Adaptation
[COM15-D742] Sweden (Q4/15): G.993.1 (ex G.vdsl): Unbundling aspects on VDSL frequency-planning
[COM15-D743] Sweden (Q4/15): Swedish position regarding the selection of line-code for G.993.1 (ex-G.vdsl)
[COM15-D744] Ciena Corporation (Q16/15, Q20/15): Proposal for an additional STM-64 intra-office application code in draft new Rec. G.691
[COM15-D745] 3COM, AMD, AT&T, Broadcom, Centillium Communications, Conexant, Intel, Lucent Technologies, Motorola, Netridium/ESS Technology. Texas Instruments (Q4/15): G.998.1 (ex-G.pnt): Media Access Protocol
[COM15-D746] PC-Tel. Inc. (Q4/15): G.gen: Trellis coding with one bit and fractional bit loading in DMT systems
[COM15-D747] Cisco Systems Inc. (Q4/15): A Framing Method for Simultaneous Transmission of PCM Voice and Packet/Cell Data over G.991.2 (ex-G.SHDSL)
[COM15-D748] Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (Q4/15): G.gen: Performance Evaluation of proposed TTCM(PCCC) with R-S code and without R-S code
[COM15-D749] United States of America (Q13/15, Q14/15): Alarm Reporting Control (ARC) Decisions for the OTN
[COM15-D750] Broadcom Corporation (Q4/15): G.993.1 (ex-G.vdsl): Comparison of Candidate VDSL Spectral Plans
[COM15-D751] L.M Ericsson (Q9/15): Jitter specification for STM-64 and STM-256 in G.783
[COM15-D752] Siemens AG, Germany (Q9/15): Text proposal for SSF/TSF/TSD delay
[COM15-D753] Siemens AG, Germany (Q9/15): Optical Channel model
[COM15-D754] Siemens AG, Germany (Q9/15): Editorial corrections to G.841
[COM15-D755] Siemens AG, Germany (Q9/15): Modifications to FEC description in G.707
[COM15-D756] Siemens AG, Germany (Q11/15, Q18/15): Clarification on FEC for 40 km IrDI
[COM15-D757] Siemens AG, Germany (Q9/15, Q11/15): OCI for the OCh
[COM15-D758] Siemens AG, Germany, Lucent Technologies, Germany (Q11/15, Q9/15): STM-256 Framing and Scrambling
[COM15-D759] Siemens AG, Germany (Q9/15, Q11/15): OCh Frame Alignment Signal Imitation
[COM15-D760] United States of America (Q15/15): Refinements to COM15-171
[COM15-D761] Alcatel SEL (Q4/15): G.991.2(G.shdsl): ETSI Asymmetrical versus Symmetrical Baud Rates
[COM15-D762] Telcordia Technologies and SBC (Q9/15, Q11/15): Support for 4 bit BDI Rather Than 1 bit BDI
[COM15-D763] Alcatel (Q10/15): Proposal of protection switching functional description
[COM15-D764] Nortel Network (Q16/15, Q20/15): Optical parameter values for STM-64 Intra-Office and VSR Applications in draft new Recommendation G.691
[COM15-D765] Etri (Q10/15): Stream merge function for MPLS
[COM15-D766] Italy (Q15/15): Interferometric PMD measurement technique in Recommendation G.650
[COM15-D767] Italy (Q15/15, Q16/15, Q17/15): Definition of the wavelength limits for the S, C, L bands
[COM15-D768] Alcatel (Q16/15): Editorial corrections in draft new Rec. G.691
[COM15-D769] Alcatel (Q16/15): Change of the DST STM-64 system in draft new Rec. G.691
[COM15-D770] Alcatel (Q16/15): Alcatel statement versus DST parameters in Recommendation G.691
[COM15-D771] U.S.A (Q15/15): Preliminary results from the TIA nonlinear coefficient round robin
[COM15-D772] U.S.A (Q15/15): Rationale for the hydrogen ageing test for the extended band fibre proposed in Table 3 of Recommendation G.652
[COM15-D773] Telia, L M Ericsson (Q4/15): VDSL frequency-plans for Europe
[COM15-D774] India, Department of Telecommunication Services (Q1/15): Proposal on the revision of ANT Standardization plan. Access scenarios based on media
[COM15-D775] Deutsche Telekom (Q17/15): Proposal for additional note in G.671 related to passive dispersion compensator
[COM15-D776] Deutsche Telekom (Q16/15): Considerations on optical channel management signal implementation in draft new Recommendation G.959.1
[COM15-D777] Deutsche Telekom (Q16/15): Proposal to include 40 GBit/s issues in draft new Recommendation G.959.1
[COM15-D778] Deutsche Telekom (Q16/15): Proposed modification of text in G.691 related to DGD and PMD issues
[COM15-D779] Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (Q6/15): Proposed text for Draft Recommendations G.768 and I.733 regarding LRE codecs
[COM15-D780] IBM Europe (Q4/15): G.993.1 (ex-G.vdsl): Spectrum plan for VDSL
[COM15-D781] Lucent Technologies Germany (Q16/15): Proposal to remove V-16.1 and V-64.1 application codes in G.691
[COM15-D782] Deutsche Telekom (Q11/15): Network requirements for OCh contiguous to virtual concatenation interworking
[COM15-D783] Deutsche Telekom (Q11/15): Rational for the conversion from contiguous concatenated OChs to virtual concatenated OCHs, e.g. OCh40G to 4x OCh10G
[COM15-D784] Deutsche Telekom (Q11/15): Improvements for subclause 10.3/G.707
[COM15-D785] Alcatel Bell (Q4/15): Initialisation for VDSL systems
[COM15-D786] Alcatel Bell (Q4/15): Frequency planning proposal
[COM15-D787] Alcatel Bell (Q4/15): VDSL PMD Sublayer
[COM15-D788] Alcatel Bell (Q4/15): VDSL PMS-TC layer
[COM15-D789] Alcatel Bell (Q4/15): VOC channel for VDSL systems
[COM15-D790] NEC Corporation (Q9/15): Applicability of an OCh Shared Protection Ring to Mesh Network Architecture
[COM15-D791] NEC Corporation (Q9/15): Network Modelling and Rerouting of OCh Shared Protection Ring
[COM15-D792] NEC Corporation (Q9/15): Mechanism of OCh Shared Protection Ring
[COM15-D793] Nortel Networks (U.S.A), (Q4/15): G.lite.bis: Proposal for a wider-band C-REVERB
[COM15-D794] Nortel Networks (Q4/15): G.lite.bis: A shortened full initialization approach for Fast Retrain
[COM15-D795] Nortel Networks (Q4/15): G.lite.bis: Proposed rates for downstream tests incorporating RFI model 1
[COM15-D796] Nortel Networks (Q4/15): G.lite.bis: Practical laboratory considerations for RFI impairment testing of DSL transceivers and edits to G.test
[COM15-D797] Nortel Networks (USA), (Q4/15): G.lite.bis: North American performance requirements for G.lite.bis to reduce excess margin
[COM15-D798] Alcatel (Q9/15): OMS/OCh adaptation source - Wavelengh Assignment Issue in OTN
[COM15-D799] L M Ericsson (Q9/15): Comments on G.806
[COM15-D800] L.M. Ericsson (Q9/15): Signal label functionality in G.806
[COM15-D801] L.M. Ericsson (Q9/15): Comments on G.783
[COM15-D802] Ericsson (Q16/15): Editorial comments on draft Rec. G.959.1
[COM15-D803] Ericsson (Q16/15): Proposals for determining draft G.959.1
[COM15-D804] Ericsson (Q16/15): Proposals to remove Appendix III from G.959.1
[COM15-D805] Silicon Automation Systems (Q4/15): G.gen: Performance degradation due to multiple RTs on the same telephone line
[COM15-D806] Silicon Automation Systems (Q4/15): G.gen: Definition of high impedance state for ADSL RTs.
[COM15-D807] Silicon Automation Systems (Q4/15): G.gen: Example circuit for High Impedance State Implementation
[COM15-D808] Alcatel (Q9/15, Q11/15): Multiplexing of Client Signals into one high bit rate OCH and TDM approach in the core OTN.
[COM15-D809] 3Com, Compaq, Centillium, Pulsecom (Q4/15): G.hs-bis: Defining the C-TONES-BUSY signal
[COM15-D810] 3Com (Q4/15): G.gen: Comments on the SRA proposal
[COM15-D811] 3Com Corporation, Compaq, Pulsecom (Q4/15): G.hs-bis: Busy Signalling for Solving FEXT Initiation and Multiple RT Issues
[COM15-D812] 3Com Corporation, Compaq, Pulsecom (Q4/15): G.gen: Impedance states for G.hs-bis, G.dmt-bis and G.lite-bis
[COM15-D813] Alcatel (Q11/15): Determination of Draft G.709 in April 2000
[COM15-D814] Alcatel (Q11/15): Proposed Draft Text for G.709 on Interleaving and Reed Solomon Code
[COM15-D815] Infineon Technologies (Q4/15): G.993.1 (ex-G.vdsl): "Constant Average Log": Robust New Power Back-Off Method
[COM15-D816] Infineon Technologies (Q4/15): G.993.1 (ex-G.vdsl): Mixing different services in a cable binder
[COM15-D817] Orckit Communications Ltd. (Q4/15): G.gen: Proposal for seamless rate adaptation based on standard ADSL framing and on the DRA algorithm
[COM15-D818] Orckit Communications Ltd (Q4/15): G.gen: Comparison of Functionality and Complexity of S-decoupled Framing to S-coupled Framing
[COM15-D819] Tellabs OY (Q21/15): Proposed echo canceller control procedures for G.799.1
[COM15-D820] Tellabs OY (Q7/15): Background information on complex tail circuits for G.168(2000)
[COM15-D821] Tellabs OY (Q7/15): Draft new Recommendation G.163 - ATM digital echo cancellers
[COM15-D822] Tellabs OY (Q7/15): G.163 Definitions List
[COM15-D823] Tellabs OY (Q7/15): G.163 Abbreviations and Issues List
[COM15-D824] Tellabs OY (Q7/15): G.163 Issues List
[COM15-D825] Tellabs OY (Q7/15): Text for section 7. Characteristics of an echo canceller tone disabler of G.168(2000)
[COM15-D826] Marconi Communications (Q11/15): Editorial modification of Figure 9, G.707
[COM15-D827] Infineon Technologies (Q4/15): G.993.1 (ex-G.vdsl): Performance of a recently proposed VDSL system that is limited to 4.4 MHz
[COM15-D828] Lucent Technologies NL (Q15/15, Q16/15): Proposal to include maximum chromatic dispersion at 1550 nm in revised G.652
[COM15-D829] Lucent Technologies NL (Q16/15): Reconfirmation of VSR-64.1 application code in draft Recommendation G.691.
[COM15-D830] U.S.A (Q4/15): G.998.1 (ex-G.pnt): Determination of a Foundation draft new G.998.1 Recommendation
[COM15-D830C1] U.S.A (Q4/15): G.998.1 (ex-G.pnt): Determination of a Foundation draft new G.998.1 Recommendation
[COM15-D830C2] U.S.A (Q4/15): G.pnt: Determination of a foundation draft new G.pnt Recommendation
[COM15-D831] Silicon Automation Systems (Q4/15): G.gen: Proposal for independent gains on real and imaginary directions in each subchannel.
[COM15-D832] Alcatel Bell (Q4/15): G.gen: Effects of Pulsating Crosstalk on Vintage ADSL modems
[COM15-D833] Alcatel Bell (Q4/15): G.gen: Effects of Q-mode non-stationary Crosstalk on Vintage ADSL modems
[COM15-D834] Alcatel Bell (Q4/15): G.gen: Efficient Framing Configuration Parameters
[COM15-D835] Alcatel Bell (Q4/15): G.gen: Establishing the need for dynamic power saving in ADSL G.992.x.
[COM15-D836] Alcatel Bell (Q4/15): G.gen: All Digital Loop Upstream Performance and Spectral Compatibility.
[COM15-D837] Orckit Communications (Q4/15): G.dmt: High-performance ADSL over POTS mask - new results
[COM15-D838] Lucent Technologies Nederland (Q9/15, Q11/15): FDI, PMI, OCI and AIS in the OTN
[COM15-D839] Deutsche Telekom (Q13/15): Generic network element level (NEL) requirements for the management of an OTN
[COM15-D840] Tellabs Oy (Q5/15): Proposed Restructure of the Work of Q5/15
[COM15-D841] KDD Corporation (Q15/15, 18/15): Proposal for test methods for nonlinear coefficient of single mode fibres
[COM15-D842] KDD Corporation (Q15/15, Q16/15, Q17/15, Q18/15): Nonlinear coefficients round robin measurement results in Japan and UK for various dispersion shifted fibres
[COM15-D843] KDD Corporation (Q15/15, Q18/15): Test methods for effective area (Aeff ) of single-mode fibres
[COM15-D844] KDD Corporation (Q15/15, Q18/15): Proposal for alternative test methods for polarisation mode dispersion (PMD) of single mode fibres
[COM15-D845] Nortel Networks (Europe): (Q17/15) Comments on Alcatel proposals for changes to the crosstalk definitions.
[COM15-D846] Alcatel Bell (Q4/15): G.gen: Defense of G.lite.bis & G.dmt.bis systems against Q-mode non-stationary Crosstalk
[COM15-D847] Alcatel (Q4/15): Improvement of Parameter Definitions for G.671
[COM15-D847C1] Alcatel (Q17/15): Improvement of parameter definitions for G.671
[COM15-D848] Alcatel (Q4/15): Two-dimensional logarithmic transfer matrices M for Mux, D for Demux and B for Bidirectional Mux/Demux into Appendix II / G.671
[COM15-D848C1] Alcatel (Q17/15): Two-dimensional logarithmic transfer matrices M for Mux, D for Demux and B for Bidirectional Mux/Demux into appendix II/G.671
[COM15-D849] Nortel Networks (USA), Texas Instruments, Centillium Communications, Aware (Q4/15): G.lite.bis: Test removal from north American performance requirements for G.lite.bis
[COM15-D850] AT&T (Q21/15): G.799.1 networking arrangements
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