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Comments on Rapporteur's Report

[SC-1/19] France: Consideration of RR2613/S22.2
[SC-1/20] France: Status of assignments
[SC-1/21] Brazil: Comparison between Resolution 46 and Art. S9, S11 and AP S5
[SC-1/22] AUS: Possible regulatory method for the shared use of the band 1675-1690 MHz by the MSS and the Meteo-Sat
[SC-1/23] France: Comparison of current and simplified notification, examination and recording procedures
[SC-1/24] France: Simplified procedures for the notification, examination and recording of assignments in the MIFR
[SC-1/25] France: Technical and Regulatory provisions concerning GSO FSS, NGSO FSS and terrestrial systems
[SC-1/26] Rapporteur, SC-1: Further harmonization of Art. S9 and App. S5
[SC-1/27R1] France: Possible modifications of Ar. S9 and Ap. S5 in relation to Ap. S30
[SC-1/28] France: Resolutions that could be reviewed or suppressed as a result of the work of WRC-97
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