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[1] Proposed prioritization of work
[2] Plan modification procedures for BSS (F. Williams)
[3] Plan modification procedures for BSS (reply from D. Hartley)
[4] Priorities : From Frank Williams (USA) to Rapporteur, Rapporteur Group SC-1, 19 April 1996
[5] France : Comparison between RS46 and Articles S9, S11 and Appendix S5
[6] France: Potential inconsistencies within Article S9
[6-r1] Doc. SC-RG1/6 (Rev.1) France: Identification of inconsistencies within Article S9/Appendix S5
[7] WP 7C: Liaison statement (Agenda item 1.9.1)
[8] UK, LUX: Proposals for agenda item 1.2
[9] Sweden: Provisions of the RR containing references to ITU-R Recommendations
[10] LUX: Agenda item 1.2 (Simplified procedures)
[11] USA: Location of the BSS Plan Procedures
[12] France: Footnotes in Article S5 adressing the provision S9.11A/Resolution 46
[13] RUS: Status of the assignments
[14] MRC: Status of assignments
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