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22nd Meeting of the RRB - 22ème Réunion du RRB - 22a Reunión de la RRB

[01-246] Report by the Director
[01-247] RoP - Draft New RoP relating to Art.S5, S9, S11 & S13, App. S4, S5, S30 & S30A, and receivability
[01-247-a1] RoP -
[01-247-a2] RoP -
[01-248] RoP - Final Drafts of RoP relating to S5.43 and S5.43A
[01-249] 2001 Draft Timetable for consideration of RoP
[01-250] Preliminary meeting program for 2002
[01-251] RRB suggestions to the WG on Reform
[01-251-a1] RRB Suggestions to the WG on Reform
[01-252] Info Doc. on further clarifications on implemention by the BR of new pfd limits adopted by WRC-2000 in Section 1 of Annex 1 to App.S30 and to Section 4 of Annex 1 to App.S30A of the RR
[01-253] Some Historical Remarks on RRB
[01-254] Comments on Document RRB2000/228
[01-255] Changes to the WRC-2000 Plans and Lists for Reg.1 and 3 due to a bug recently identified in the ITU software applications
[01-256] Validation software
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