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RAG97-1 (Geneva, 11-14.3.1997)

[Agenda] Draft Agenda for the 5th Meeting of the RAG
[RAG96-1-35] Working methods of ITU-R
[1] Plan operacional del Sector del UIT-R de 1997
[2] ITU-R Sector estimated resource requirements for the period 98-99
[3] Relevant results of the WTSC and the WTPF
[4] Progress report on ITU-2000
[5] Refinement (Resolution 16)
[6] Rapporteur on Coordination & Cooperation: Report to 5th Meeting of RAG
[7] Proposed structure for WRC-97
[8] Draft sectoral objectives and priorities for the period 1999-2003
[9] LUX: Procedimientos de trabajo para la preparación de conferencias
[10] Directors, BR/TSB: Coordination on broadcasting matters
[11] SG4+9: Proposal from Study Groups 4 and 9 (January 1997) to the RAG
[12] Report of the Special Committee to the Director of the BR
[13] CAN/LUX: Conference documents on TIES
[14] J: Comments on refinement of the Sectors
[15] Rapporteur on Res. 18: Financial matters (fees, deposits, penalties) for satellite filings - Res 18 (Kyoto)
[16] SG9: Enhanced participation of private Sectors in ITU-R activities
[17] USA: Duration of the RA and adoption of an Assembly methodology for "Approval by Exception" of Recommendations
[18] USA: Terminology for Sector participants
[19] USA: Questions not being actively studied for report to the Radiocommunication Assembly
[20] Options for the study of regulatory/procedural matters
[21] USA: Status of Opinions of the Radiocommunication Assembly
[22] AUS: Resolution 18 (Kyoto) - financial matters
[23] Rapporteur on Work Programme & SG Structure: Report to the 5th meeting of the RAG
[24] Chairman WP1A: Liaison statement to the RAG
[25] Rapporteur on Strategic Planning: Report to the fifth meeting of the Radiocommunication Advisory Group
[26] Draft report of the 2nd meeting of ITU-2000: summary and draft Recommendations
[27] Information requested of RAG by ITU-2000
[28] ITU-2000 Recommendation R.19: Type A and Type B approval processes
[29] G: Terminology for the "Wireless local loop"
[30] G: Deadlines for the submission of documents to SG, TG and WP meetings
[31] G: Consideration of contributions at Working Party and Task Group meetings
[32] USA: Draft strategic plan for 1999-2003
[33] USA: Radiocommunication Bureau patent policy
[34] Este documento existe únicamente en inglés.
[35] Chairman SG3: Draft revision of Resolution ITU-R 1
[36] USA: Resources for processing of satellite network publications in the BR
[37] USA: Consideration of Resolution 18
[38] CAN: Resolution 18 - the likelihood of success
[39] Ch. ICG for IMT-2000: ITU-R and ITU-T joint standardization work on IMT-2000
[40] Revision of Resolution ITU-R 1-1
[41] Rapporteur on Working Methods: Report to the fifth meeting of the RAG
[42] Acting Chairman, ICG-SAT: Status report on activities of ICG-SAT
[43] Chairman, TSAG/RAG JWP on Refinement of R and T Sectors: Report by JWP on Res. 16 to TSAG/RAG
[44] Chairman, ITU-R Study Group 10: Refinement of R and T Sectors and Resolution 28 (WTSC96)
[45] Rapporteur on Strategic Planning: Draft strategic plan for 1999-2003
[47r1] Este documento existe únicamente en inglés.

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