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RAG95-2 (Geneva, 11-14.9.1995) - Old docs. 1-37

[1] Review of the space coordination and planning framework of the ITU
[2] Note from the Chairman of Study Group 8 to the Director, BR (Res. 18)
[3] Chairman, Study Group 4 (Categorization of Questions)
[4] Categorization of ITU-R Reports
[5] Review of working methods in Study Groups 10 and 11
[6] Note from the Director (ITU-D)
[7] Radio local area networks
[8] Strategic goals for Study Groups
[9] Proposals to improve the structure of the ITU-R Study Groups
[10] Proposals to further improve the working procedures of the ITU-R Study Groups
[11] Procedure for approval of ITU-R Recs. and its effect on participation in Study Group meetings
[12] CPM Working Methods
[13] Note to the BR Director concerning Resolution 18, Kyoto 1994
[14] Proposed criteria and procedures for the appointment of the Chairmen and Vice-Chairmen of the ITU-R Study Groups
[15] Implementation of Res. 18 of PP-94
[16] Biennial budget of the Radiocommunication Sector 1996-97
[17] Publication of the ITU-R Recommendations and handbooks
[18] Review of the programme of Radiocommunication Study Group Meetings
[19] Deletion of Questions between the RAs
[20] Cancellation of the Radiocommunication Assembly
[21] Report from the RA to a WRC
[22] Comments on "Report on working structures of Study Group 11"
[23] Report of the Rapporteur on coordination and cooperation within and outside the ITU
[24] Approval of Recs. amendments to Res. ITU-R 1
[25] ITU-R preparations for WRC95 and beyond
[26] Proposed modification to the SG 8 organization and structure
[27] Future status of Study Group 2
[28] Resolution 18
[29] Initial approach of the JWP on refinement of the T & R Sectors
[30] Strategic planning
[31] The ITU-R Sector and developing countries at the Radiocommunication Assembly
[32] Review of Res ITU-R 5 and the categorization of questions
[33] USA, Information paper - Draft new Question
[34] Italy: Appointment of Chairmen and Vice-chairmen of ITU-R Study Groups
[35] Possible WRC95 structure
[36r1] 3rd meeting of the RAG, Summary of Conclusions
[37] Final List of Participants - not available electronically

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