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RAG2001-1 (Geneva, 12-16.3.2001) - GCR2001-1 (Genève, 12-16.3.2001) - GAR2001-1 (Ginebra, 12-16.3.2001)

[ADM1] Draft Agenda, 9th meeting of the Radiocommunication Advisory Group
[ADM2] Time management plan for the RAG
[1] BR: Working methods of the RAG
[2] BR: Draft 2001 Operational Plan for the ITU-R Sector
[3] USA: Treaty-related matters and ITU activities with policy or regulatory implications
[4] Chair SG8: Application of the alternative approval procedure
[5] BR: BR publication activities - 2000
[6] IARU: Role of Sector Members at WRCs - a review of the experience at WRC-2000
[7] Syria: Duration of the Radiocommincation Assembly for 2003 as well as that for the CPM
[8] BR: Reduction of the volume and cost of documentation - experience of the RA and WRC (Istanbul 2000)
[9] BR: Status report on the agenda items dealing with study group activities and related considerations
[9 Add.1] Addendum 1 to RAG2001-1/9
[10] BR: Resolution 80 (Rev.WRC-2000) - consideration by the RAG
[11] USA: Radiocommunication Assembly improvements
[12] USA: Updating of recommendations under the Alternative Approval Process
[13] USA: Review of proposed budget and draft operational plans
[14] USA: Regional telecommunications organizations in the context of the ITU-R
[15] USA: A proposal to overlap the stages of adoption and approval of recommendations to speed their overall approval
[16] USA: CPM improvements
[17] BR: Reform of the ITU process (issues relevant to the Radiocommunication Sector)
[18] Coordinator, RAG Correspondence Group: Report on the review of the WRC-CPM process
[19] UK: Linking operational and financial planning
[20] AUS: Availability of working (Temp) documents
[21] UAE: Review of the WRC-CPM process
[22] USA: Reconciliation of WRC Final Acts
[23] USA: ITU-R IPR policy
[24] Convener, ITU-R SG structure correspondence group: Progress report of activities
[25] J: Duration of the second CPM
[26] BR: Processing of satellite network filings in the Radiocommunication Bureau
[27] BR: Implementation of the 2000 Operational Plan
[28] BR: Regional radiocommunication conference to revise the Regional Agreement for the European Broadcasting Area, ST61
[29] Eutelsat: Review of the WRC/CPM process
[30] RUS: ITU-R Study Group structure
[31] RUS: Retention of the duration of the Radiocommunication Assembly and the CPM-02
[32] BR: Development of the Radiocommunication Sector 2002-2003 biennial budget
[33] UK: The duration of the Radiocommunication Assembly
[34] UK: Improved organization of CPM-2 for WRC-03
[35] F: Processing of notification satellite networks filings backlog
[36] CAN: Proposed procedure for the accelerated approval of recommendations
[37] CTI: Processing of submissions received by the Bureau under the allotment Plan contained in Appendix S30B
[38] Report from Ad Hoc Group 2, Regional planning conference to revise the European Broadcasting Agreement, Stockholm, 1961
[38Corr.1] Corrigendum 1 to RAG2001-1/38
[39] Draft RAG comments on the ITU Strategic Plan
[40] Report from Ad Hoc Group 3, Draft Operational Plan 2001
[42Rev.2] Summary of Conclusions of the 9th meeting of the RAG, Geneva, 12-16 March 2001
Executive Summary: The Future of Convergence and Spectrum Management
Slide presentation by Mike Goddard on the Implications of convergence on Spectrum Management
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