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Making ITU Accessible


Making ITU Accessible:
Web Design, Web Conferencing and Real Time Web Captioning

ITU Geneva, 22 April 2008

The meeting will be webcast in audio/video, in live and the archives will be available through the ITU's Webcast Service.

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Live and archive meetings



A/V feeds

Opening - Andrea Saks followed by "A Web without Barriers" - Cynthia Waddell Archive
"Demonstration of Free Online Web Accessibility Checkers" - Cynthia Waddell Archive
"Realtime Web Captioning" - Roy Graves Archive
"Demonstration of Accessible Online Conferencing" - Cynthia Waddell Archive

  It is necessary to have RealPlayer installed: Installing Client Software


Disclamers may apply:

This is a live or recorded webcast with simultaneous interpretation. It is not intended to be a literal or definitive translation of the proceedings and no liability can be accepted for any inaccuracies or omissions by ITU or its staff.

Ceci est une diffusion sur le web en direct ou enregistrée, avec interprétation simultanée. Celle-ci ne saurait constituer une traduction littérale ou définitive des débats. L’UIT ou son personnel ne peuvent être tenus responsables d’éventuelles inexactitudes ou omissions.

Esto es una difusión por la Red, en directo o grabada, de la interpretación simultánea. No se trata de una traducción literal ni definitiva de los debates. No se acepta por tanto responsabilidad alguna en cuanto a las posibles imprecisiones u omisiones cometidas por la UIT o su personal.



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