Digital society

ITU works for a world in which everyone benefits from digital society

We believe ICTs should be accessible to all, regardless of gender, age, ability and location – they improve our lives, facilitate access to information, simplify service delivery and enable social and economic participation. Digital inclusion then is one of ITU’s strategic goals – and we work to ensure all people have opportunity to be part of digital society.

Bold, measurable, focused programmes are shrinking the digital gender gap

While the Internet gender divide has narrowed in recent years, bold, measurable and highly focused ITU programmes are ensuring that this progress is maintained and accelerated.

  • Across all sectors of the Organization, ITU’s Network of Women (NoW) encourages and tracks gender-balanced representation and is building networks for female delegates to share their experience, promote the participation of women – and prepare for leadership roles for global events such as WRC-23 or WTDC.

In each of these programmes ITU is driving progress on three gender-related Sustainable Development Goals that fall under its ownership: the proportion of individuals who (1) own a mobile phone; (2) use the Internet; and (3) have ICT skills.