Sustainable networks

Emerging technologies – ITU managing their development for the greater good

ITU actively monitors new/emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and quantum information technologies (QIT) and works with other UN agencies to ensure such technologies develop along lines that will contribute to the greater good.

  • On artificial intelligence (AI), ITU provides a neutral platform that addresses issues of transparency, trust and security, concerns about displacing jobs and exacerbating inequalities – while building an understanding of AI capabilities, facilitating trusted, safe and inclusive development of AI, and equitable access to its benefits.
    • AI for Good is organized by ITU in partnership with 38 UN sister agencies, XPRIZE Foundation, ACM and co-convened with Switzerland.
    • The AI for Good Global Summit> is a year-round digital platform where AI innovators and problem owners learn, build and connect to help identify practical AI solutions to advance the SDGs. In 2020 the Global Initiative on AI and Data Commons was launched.
    • The AI for Good channel on YouTube is a one-stop shop to catch up on trends in AI for Good.
    • The ITU AI/Machine Learning in 5G Challenge studies the practical application of AI/ML in emerging and future networks, bringing together 1 300 competitors from 62 countries – and 911 teams.
    • The AI for Road Safety initiative promotes an AI-enhanced approach to reduce fatalities across road-safety management, safer roads and mobility, safer vehicles, safer road users, post-crash response, and speed control.
    • AI-related radio communications recommendations are available online.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) – ITU enables the coordinated development of interoperable IoT technologies, encompassing millions of connected devices and objects:
  • Quantum information technology (QIT) harnesses quantum mechanics and will profoundly impact ICT networks. ITU’s work in the area of QIT includes cutting edge study, webinars and workshops.