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World Radiocommunication Seminar 2010 (WRS-10) - Space workshop


   Presentations and exercises done during the Space Services workshop.




 Receivability, Validation, BRIFIC - Wednesday 08.12.2010

Titre Type Nom Taille du fichier
Receivability   00-Receivability.pdf   628 KB  
Space online   01-spaceOnLineServicesWorkshop.pdf   306 KB  
Advance Publication   03-Advance Publication.pdf   707 KB  
Advance Publication - Exercices   03-API-exercice.zip   487 KB  
CR capture and validation   04-SIMPLE CR CAPVAL.pdf   296 KB  
CR capture and validation - Exercices   04-CR CAPTURE AND VAL-exercice.zip   357 KB  
Notification Space Station   05-Notification.pdf   274 KB  
Notification Space Station - Exercices   05-NOTIFICATION SPACE STATION-exercice.zip   475 KB  
Notification Earth Station   06-Exercise to capture Earth Station.pdf   79 KB  
Notification EarthStation - Exercices   06-NOTIFICATION EARTH STATION-exercice.zip   357 KB  
Due diligence   07-ITUSAT_RES49_INFO.pdf   57 KB  
Due diligence - Exercices   07-DUE DILIGENCE-exercice.zip   277 KB  
SpaceCom API-B   08-SpaceCom API B .pdf   1494 KB  

 Space Plans - Thursday 09.12.2010

Titre Type Nom Taille du fichier
Introduction   00-intro WRS-10 workshop.pdf   608 KB  
A30_30A regulatory procedures   01-BSS_Plans_and_Lists_AP30-30A.pdf   1182 KB  
A30_30A submission   02-WS_A30_30A_Submission.pdf   4362 KB  
A30_30A submission exercise   02-A30_30A submission--exercice.zip   48261 KB  
A30_30A examination   03-AP30-30A-TEX.pdf   3468 KB  
A30_30A examination exercise   03-A30_30A examination-exercice.zip   4205 KB  
A30_30A SPS_REPORTs   04-WS_AP30_30A_SPS_Reports.pdf   2310 KB  
A30_30A SPS_REPORTs exercise   04-A30_30A SPS_REPORTs-exercice.zip   20635 KB  
A30B regulatory procedures   05-Fixed-Satellite Service Plan.pdf   928 KB  
A30B submission   06-WS_SpCap_AP30B.pdf   2453 KB  
A30B submission exercise   06-A30B submission-exercice.zip   1718 KB  
A30B examination   07-AP30B technical examination.pdf   664 KB  
A30B examination exercise   07-A30B examination-exercice.zip   288 KB  
A30B GIBC results analysis   08-AP30B view information results.pdf   2205 KB  
A30_30A_30B comments   09-A30_30A_30B_comment_PLAN_VG.pdf   2702 KB  
A30_30A SpaceCom   10-Commenting on AP30 - SpaceCom exercise.pdf   4966 KB  
A30_30A SpaceCom exercice   10-A30_30A SpaceCom-exercice.zip   365 KB  
A30_30A_30B web and BR IFIC   11-WS_A3030A30B_Web_BRIFIC_TP.pdf   2122 KB  
A30_30A_30B BR IFIC issue   12-What to do on BR IFIC issue.pdf   1176 KB  
A30_30A_30B RES49 exercice   13-RS49-AP30_30B SpaceCap sample.pdf   1744 KB  

 Technical examinations - Friday 10.12.2010

Titre Type Nom Taille du fichier
Coordination of Earth Station   01-Coordination_earth_stations_DSK (2010-WRS).pdf   3928 KB  
Regulatory Time Limits   02-Regulatory Time Limits.pdf   1631 KB  
Regulatory and Technical Examination   03-Reg-and-Tech-Exam.pdf   1493 KB  
SpaceCom   04-SpaceCom.pdf   3189 KB  
SpaceCom - Exercice   04-SpaceCom-exercice.zip   4703 KB  
SpaceCom 9_41   05-SpaceCom 9_41 PPT.pdf   3639 KB  
SpaceCom 9_41 - Exercice   05-ific_spacecom_9_41-exercice.zip   14838 KB  
Notification and Recording of Frequency assignments   06-Notification and Recording of Freq Assignments.pdf   1245 KB  
Freq. Sharing-GSO Coord-Optimize File   07-FreqShar and GSO Coord-Optimizing Filing-e - JC.pdf   6750 KB  
Technical & regulatory assistance   08-TECHNICAL AND REGULATORY ASSISTANCE Omar2.pdf   872 KB  
C to I Calculation   09-C2I_Summary_HFN.pdf   111 KB  
Coordination Earth Station   10-Generation of ES Coord Cont.pdf   2584 KB  
Coordination Earth Station - Exercice   10 Coordination Earth Station-exercice.zip   1005 KB