Achieving universal & affordable Internet in the least developed countries

The Internet opens up new communication channels, provides access to new information and services, and boosts productivity. In the least developed countries of the world, it can increase the standard of living. ICT provides the building blocks for a digital economy and is important in meeting the United Nations’ 2030 sustainable-development goals (SDGs). ICTs, LDC and the SDGs — Achieving Universal and Affordable Internet in the Least Developed Countries hones in on SDG target 9.c — providing universal and affordable access to the Internet in the least developed countries by 2020. The LDCs are defined as 47 countries with severe structural impediments to sustainable development, but the report finds they have made great progress in meeting the target, although less than a quarter of the populations in these countries will be online in 2020. While connectivity, affordability and socio-economic gaps with the rest of the world are highlighted, the report then offers a detailed overview of a framework for expanding ICT infrastructures, sustaining the Internet ecosystem, enhancing skills and making the Internet affordable.