ITU standards project G.fin to provide fibre connectivity in the home

New ICT experiences are entering our homes with innovations such as smart TVs, smart speakers, HD video communications and Virtual Reality. The ITU G.fin project aims to optimize these experiences by introducing a novel fibre network to provide connectivity from the residential gateway to the wireless access points in the home.

The performance of the access network can no longer be judged only by the connection to the home (residential gateway). It must be judged by the quality and capacity of the link extending all the way to the end-user device.

Industry has achieved significant gains in the performance of the access segment up to the residential gateway with technologies like fibre access over XGS-PON, cable access over DOCSIS and copper access over

But with many devices now competing for connectivity, in-home distribution often struggles to match the performance achieved by the access segment.

The ITU G.fin project aims to overcome this imbalance with the delivery of a cost-efficient fibre technology for connectivity in the home. Success for G.fin will be industry’s ability to achieve optimal performance right up to the end-user device.

The project will describe the use cases, architecture, data link layer and physical layer of the envisioned fibre network connecting the residential gateway to the wireless access points in the home. This home fibre network will support high throughput, low latency and connection stability for wireless connectivity in the home.

The G.fin project is led by ITU’s working group for ‘technologies for in-premises networking and related access applications’ (Q18/15).

The G.fin project will be progressed in close alignment with the work of ITU’s working group for ‘optical systems for fibre access networks’ (Q2/15) to ensure that the new standard benefits from the latest advances in optical transmission systems.

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