Page 1 - 2016 Integrated management and disposal of electrical and electronic waste and used electrical and electronic equipment in Latin America
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Sustainable ICT in Corporate Organizations
 Sustainable Products

 Sustainable Buildings
 End of Life management for ICT Equipment

 General Specifications and KPIs
 Assessment Framework for Environmental Impacts of the ICT Sector

 An energy-aware survey on ICT device power supplies
 Boosting energy efficiency through Smart Grids

 Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and climate change adaptation and mitigation:
 the case of Ghana
 Review of mobile handset eco-rating schemes

 Guidance on green ICT procurement  Sustainable management
 Greening ICT supply chains – Survey on conflict minerals due diligence initiatives

 Toolkit on environmental sustainability for the ICT sector
 The case of Korea: the quantification of GHG reduction effects achieved by ICTs  of waste electrical and electronic

 Resilient pathways: the adaptation of the ICT sector to climate change
 Partnering for solutions: ICTs in Smart Water Management  equipment in Latin America

 Shaping smarter and more sustainable cities: Striving for sustainable development goals

 April 2016

 About ITU-T and Climate change:  Print in Switzerland
 Geneva, 2016
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