South Africa (Republic of)

Mr ---

3 November 2014 - Plenary PM


On behalf of the South African Government, I am pleased to address Plenary in support of the Resolution on Ebola.

The South African Government set aside R32.6-million to support containment and prevent further spread of the virus in South Africa, and for the deployment of mobile laboratories, experts, training and technical support to affected countries; and to raise a further R250-million through its Ebola Response Fund, aimed at assisting the worst afflicted West African nations. Government has extend appeals to the private sector to donate money to the fund.

A team of South African medical experts in the West African States of Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia who are helping to fight the spread of the Ebola Virus. This team of highly trained specialists is equipped with a mobile laboratory to diagnose the disease throughout that Region and for training of health care workers.

We therefore commend all countries that have lend their support for this initiative by the ITU. We therefore pledge our support to the affected Governments and, once again, commend the ITU on prioritizing this urgent matter.