Kazakhstan (Republic of)

Ministry of Investment and Development

20 October 2014


Dear Mr. Chairman!

Dear ladies and gentlemen!

Let me express my  sincere gratitude to the Government of the Republic of Korea for excellent preparation of the Plenipotentiary Conference of ITU. We are grateful to the organizers for their attention and goodwill  rendered to the delegates.

Nowadays the information-communication technology (ICT) is the major factor of economy competitiveness and increasing quality of life in society. Kazakhstan fully comprehends this and supports it.

 I would like to briefly narrate  how the achievements in ICT sector have been fulfilled in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

More than 400 communication operators have  appeared in the market since liberalization of the telecommunication industry. Advanced communication technologies such as  ADSL, CDMA, FTTH, 3G, 4G  have also been implemented.

Internet tariffs have  decreased  6 times, while the speed has accelerated by  32 times. As a result today 70% of population has connected to the Internet.

The launch of «Kazsat-2» and «Kazsat-3» satellites allowed to deliver  communication and broadcasting services not only within our territory but also to nearby countries.

Owing to this, the satellite network of broadcasting in DVB-S2 standard was arranged which provides 100% coverage in the republic. Also we are actively working on transition to DVB-T2 standard of digital broadcasting. This network has been already connected in regional centers and big cities.  

In-parallel, we have been also working under information infrastructure.

The State databases for individuals and legal entities, the system of intergovernmental dataflow and information systems of government authority have been created.

Also the portal of electronic government was developed by which electronic services are delivered to Kazakhstani citizens (

One more possibility of electronic government that enables citizens to get services is the public service centers which provide these services within a few minutes.

The public service centers also deliver services to the whole Kazakhstan, whereas mobile public service centers help people in distant villages and those with disabilities

Taking into account that the density of mobile communication subscribers has reached 170%, the next three years we are going to transfer the most popular public services to a mobile format.

All this had allowed Kazakhstan to be ranked  28th place among 193 countries in the UN index for e-government development.

In light of these achievements, two weeks ago we hosted the «Global E-Government Forum-2014» in Astana, where IT experts from 79 countries gathered to discuss development of priority issues such as smart society, open government, data security , information society and big data. 

At the end of the Forum, we clearly see the readiness of countries for cooperation and partnership in the information society. Kazakhstan became  the regional center of competence in a group of similar countries and during the Forum we shared knowledge, experience as well as  best practices.

I am also glad that Mr. Houlin Zhao, Deputy Secretary-General of ITU, participated in this Forum, and today we work fruitfully in this event of ITU. 

Let me to express our readiness to actively participate in all events of the ITU and wish success to all candidates present towards the nomination  of posts in the  ITU in this hall today.

I would like to note that the Administration for Communication of the Republic of Kazakhstan on its behalf nominates Mr. Rizat Nurshabekov for the position of the Member of the Radio Regulations Board. 

Mr. Nurshabekov has a great international experience, particularly in elaborating contributions in the sphere of radio communication, proposals on national and regional levels and posseses professional and diplomatic skills.

We are confident that his professional experience will be highly valuable for the solution of many issues, entrusted to the members of the Radio Regulations Board.

Taking this opportunity, I would like to ask for your support for our candidate Mr. Rizat Nurshabekov.

Finally, I would like to thank again the organizers of the Plenipotentiary conference 2014.

I wish every success to all participants of the conference and on behalf of the Administration of Kazakhstan invite you to the lunch that will be held on 21st of October 13.30 p.m. in the hall 3B-2, BEXCO. It will be also another opportunity to further continue this dialogue and discuss global ICT-trends and issues, coordinated by ITU.  

Thank you.