Vice Minister
Ministry of Communications

22 October 2014

Distinguished Mr. Chairman: 

On behalf of the Republic of Cuba we congratulate you for having been elected to chair this meeting, and we extend our thanks to the authorities of the Republic of Korea and the city of Busan for the hospitality with which they have received us. 

We also greet the delegations present, assuring all of the commitment of the Cuban delegation to contribute to the success of this meeting.

Mr. Chairman, Distinguished delegates

This conference is held amid major challenges to build an Information Society in which everyone can create, access, share information and knowledge, to promote development and improve the quality of life. 

On the eve of the ten-year review of the World Summit on the Information Society we must emphasize that many of its agreements remain unfulfilled. We believe that this conference is an appropriate forum to address these outstanding issues.

On the other hand, in the four years since the previous Plenipotentiary Conference the convergence of technological platforms for telecommunications, broadcasting, and informatics has continued, as well as the establishment of integrated network infrastructure for multiple applications and services.

But despite the fact that these technologies bring great economic and social benefits they can also be used for purposes contrary to the international peace and security. During the past few years, there has been a noticeable increase in its use for purposes of crime and political destabilization.

Special concern causes the possibility of the covert and illegal use by private individuals, organizations and States of the information systems of other nations to attack third countries.

Added to this is the rejection of global communications espionage system which targeted Heads of State and Government, international organizations, companies and citizens, in flagrant violation of International Law and the sovereignty of States.

Cuba has been a victim of the illicit use of the telecommunications for the purpose of undermining the socioeconomic and political order established freely by its people.

Toward the Cuban territory are imposed broadcast transmissions that affect the normal operation of the radio communication services.  

It has also been used against our country illegally cellular telephony, as was reported in the Document C14/68-S submitted in the past month of May to the ITU Council 2014.

These attacks not only contravene the normative documents of the ITU, but also constitute violations of our sovereignty and international law.

The only way to prevent and cope with these threats is through the joint cooperation among all States, which will be equally useful to prevent cyberspace from becoming a theater of military operations.

In addition to this aggressions, Cuba is a victim of the economic, commercial and financial blockade, which for 55 years the government of the United States imposes on us, ignoring the systematic and growing demand of the international community that has been pronounced, for overwhelming majority, in 22 occasions in the General Assembly of the United Nations, where it will be analyzed again in a few days, on October 28.

Despite these obstacles, our country steadily develops its telecommunications infrastructure and services, strengthening the national and metropolitan fiber optic networks, growing in mobile telephony and internet services.

It is ensured the use, free of charge, of computing in the national education system, and continues the training of professionals in the ICT sector in both universities and in middle level of education.

In this moment the informatization policy is being updated, with emphasis on the social and massive access by all citizens and with a focus on the deployment and use of broadband, which responds to the guidelines of the economic and social policy of our country.

Mr. Chairman, Distinguished delegates

The International Telecommunication Union can always count with the collaboration of Cuba, which has been elected member of the Council since 1989 during the last 6 periods.

On this occasion we aspire to continue with this great responsibility with the objective to contribute to the implementation of the decisions of this Conference and to continue the defense of the interests of the developing countries.

Thank you.