Angola (Republic of)

H.E. Mr José Carvalho ROCHA
Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technologies

21 October 2014

Excellency Mr Wonki Min, Chairman of the Conference,
Excellency's Heads of States and Governments,
Excellences Ministers and High Representatives,
Excellency the Secretary General,
Ladies and Gentlemen
Four years have gone by since Guadalajara in Mexico, and I have now the great honor to once again come to represent my country in this very important event. Then I would like first, to warmly congratulate the People and the Government of The Republic of Korea for the warm welcome at our arrival in this beautiful city of Busan and secondly, to thank for the excellent and careful conditions so created for the successful realization of this event.

The proposed central theme for this conference greatly summarizes the state and the spirit at which world lives today, that is, invaded  by an unstoppable, incidental and dynamic developments resulting from the large process of globalization of the economies and societies but also from the fast technological developments, especially in the field of information and communications technologies (ICTs).

In fact, it becomes imperious that the present paradigm of development keeps updated in order to favor a new phase where entire countries, their businessman and common citizens can make a full use of the potential of the ICTs and to access the benefits of the process for construction of a world as a truly global village.

Dear High Representatives and Delegates,

The Government of Angola is presently strongly committed to the implementation of a Nationwide Plan of Development (NDP), for the period of 2013-2017 and, for its fulfillment, it is expected a major role from ICTs in order to stimulate and motivate the implementation of various national strategies, which should lead Angola, in asustained manner towards the group of the medium- level income countries.

We intend that under the central thematic for this conference, ITU Members should be able to discuss in depth, about the better ways to promote digital inclusion and to accelerate the implementation of broadband worldwide. We also think to be important the creation of a much wider international cooperation basis with close chains and connections relating the main ICT developmental issues, and to identify as well better ways to increase the role of member countries and their relevant stakeholders in issues such as the governance of internet.

Further we would like to request to this important conference to instruct some of the thematic working groups established so far to brainstorm on the "over the top" (OTT) issues, for example, on the ways as infrastructures are used in the provision of this kind of services.

In brief, Angola supports the vision proposed by the Secretary General of ITU for the Connect 2020 Strategy and appeals for its approval and consequent implementation all over the world.

Thank you.