PP-14 Speeches

International Telecommunication Union

Brahima Sanou
Director of ITU's Telecommunication Development Bureau

24 October 2014 - Acceptance Speech


At this point in time, filled with emotion as it is, I should like to begin by expressing my profound gratitude to you, the ITU Member States of the five regions, for the confidence you have once again shown in me. This is an honour for me and for my country, Burkina Faso.

My first words are therefore addressed to the President of Burkina Faso, His Excellency Mr Blaise Compaoré, to thank him for the support he has given to ITU and for the commitment and personal support he has shown to me.

I want to thank the Prime Minister and the entire Government of Burkina Faso, represented here by Professor Jean Koulidiati, Minister for Development of the Digital Economy and Posts, and Ambassador Prosper Vokouma, Permanent Representative of Burkina Faso to ITU, both of whom have always stood with me. Minister, Ambassador: thank you!

I also wish to thank the entire team that has promoted my candidature, and of course the African Union.

At this solemn moment, I am very proud to mention the devoted support of my wife Aminata, who is here in the meeting room, and of my three daughters Djamilah, Eva and Nafissa. 

To the staff of BDT, to whom I have just sent a congratulatory e-mail, I want to say this: the choice that the Member States have just made for continuity is an acknowledgement of your hard work which I have had the honour of directing over the past four years. My reelection means the renewal of a performance contract with Members, to which I commit myself here and now, because I know I can count on the support of a highly dynamic team in BDT.

I want to pay homage to all those who preceded me in the post of BDT Director and to express my gratitude to all retired BDT staff, especially those with whom I have had the privilege of working as Director.

Dear Hamadoun

You once told me about a wise old lady from Malaysia who told her son: "what belongs to you is whatever you have given to others willingly, without reckoning".

You will be leaving us at the end of the year, a man rich as regards to what you have given ITU without reckoning. You will leave with your head held high, rich from the kindness and humility which you emanated at a personal level. We are all proud of you, and I especially so.

I wish you, and your wonderful supportive family, every success as you continue to play your part in helping to shape the history of humanity.

Dear Malcolm and François

The years we have spent together have been years of not only professional fulfilment but also friendship. I am delighted that the Member States are giving us the opportunity to continue working together. My sincere congratulations to you! 

To the person who will soon be elected Director of TSB: my warmest congratulations, welcome to the team!

And lastly, to Mr Houlin Zhao: I offer you my warmest congratulations on your resounding election to lead our Union at the highest level. I have benefited from your professionalism, your kindness and wisdom over the past four years. I pledge my unwavering support in continuing the team work which we have begun.

Mr Chairman of the conference

I thank you for having presided over my election. Please convey my profound gratitude to the Government of the Republic of Korea and to the authorities of Busan, a city which will now and forever be associated in my mind with a very happy episode in my life.

I thank you all, and I count on your support over the coming four years.

Thank you!