PP-14 Speeches

International Telecommunication Union

François Rancy
Director Elect of ITU's Radiocommunication Bureau

24 October 2014 - Acceptance Speech

Dear Colleagues and Friends,
Ladies and Gentlemen

I am overwhelmed by the trust you are extending to me in electing me, for the second time, as Director of the Radiocommunication Bureau.

I would like to express my profound gratitude to all of you and the governments you represent, in particular to the government of France, which proposed and supported my candidacy. I would also like to thank my beloved wife, Dorothee, for her constant support.

It has been a privilege and a great pleasure to serve you during these four years and to work with all of you for achieving the goals of the ITU and the objectives of its radiocommunication sector.

This work has been greatly facilitated by the outstanding quality of the relationship between the five elected officials. It has been an honour to work under the inspiring leadership of Dr Hamadoun Touré and in very close cooperation with Houlin Zhao, Malcolm Johnson and Brahima Sanou. As one team and one ITU.

During these four years, remarkable results have been achieved by the ITU radiocommunication sector in delivering and managing the frequency spectrum worldwide, in adopting standards and best practices and in disseminating information and know-how to the entire ITU membership.

A lot remains to be done however to ensure that the management of Spectrum and Orbit resources by the ITU continues to feed the development of radiocommunications, and connectivity to all citizens of the world.

I am deeply honoured to benefit from your support to continue this work together with you for another four years to pursue his objective. You can be assured I will devote all my strength and efforts to this mesmerizing task.

Thank you.