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International Women's Day 2015

​Message of ITU-Secretary-General Houlin Zhao

International Women's Day 2015

06 March 2015, Geneva, Switzerland

This year's International Women's Day has the theme'Empowering Women, Empowering Humanity: Picture It!'

As Secretary-General of the UN agency responsible for helping connect the world to the power of information and communication technologies, I would like to see a picture of a world where young women embrace careers as ICT professionals, and leverage the power of ICTs to change the future – for themselves, and for those around them.

ICTs play a central role in all our lives and it is estimated that 95% of all jobs now have some kind of digital component. But at the same time, there is a large and growing skills shortage in the ICT sector, as well as in the many fields where technology plays an ever-more important role.

ICTs open up the possibility for girls to become entrepreneurs and start their own companies, and I believe that it is these young and dynamic companies that will drive future innovation in the ICT sector. Many of the bigger corporate players are now looking to the SME community for the next big idea – so this is a great opportunity for girls with the right skills to find the springboard to success.

Through the power of ICTs we have the chance to create a new picture of the world – a picture where there is equality of opportunity for women and men, and for people from all parts of the world, not just the wealthiest ones, to achieve a brighter future. ICTs can help us break down barriers and reshape the world in a better image. Let's bring the talents of women into focus, and put them into the centre of the frame!

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