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Speech by ITU Secretary-General, Dr Hamadoun I. Touré 

Transform Africa Summit

 Closing Remarks

31 October 2013, Kigali, Rwanda

Mr President,
Distinguished guests,
Ladies and gentlemen,

Six years ago, in this very room, we started out on the Connect Africa journey, charting the way forwards to an African continent connected with broadband.

Six years ago, we asked Heads of State and visionary Africans to dream big, and they delivered a tremendous vision of hope.

Over the past four days we have reviewed progress and we have seen that we passed the Connect Africa goals with flying colours.

And I am delighted that once again our leaders stepped up to the plate and led us into the new collective initiative of ‘Transforming Africa’.

More than 2,000 participants here also stepped up to the plate – and your active participation, thoughts, ideas and commitments have made this event a true milestone.

The ‘Smart Africa Manifesto’, endorsed by the roundtable of African Ministers, is our roadmap to transforming our continent into one of hope, for current and future generations, and pledges to put information and communication technologies at the very centre of social and economic development of every single African country.

The manifesto also highlights the need for capacity-building as a base for transformation – so let me say how pleased I am that ITU will support the historic decision to create the ‘Transform Africa Scholarship Fund’, to support Centres of Excellence such as Rwanda’s Carnegie Mellon University.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Before closing, let me say that if ever there was a perfect picture of hope for Africa, it is the young people from so many African countries who gathered here together at the Youth Extravaganza, as a parallel part of the Transform Africa Summit.

Let me thank President Kagame and his team for hosting this unprecedented event, and for the hope he inspires for Africa.

Now, we – every single one of us – will need to go and Transform Africa, with a single vision and concerted efforts.

Together we will deliver the Future for Africa.


Thank you.