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Speech by ITU Secretary-General, Dr Hamadoun I. Touré

FerMUN '13 : Closing Ceremony

11 January 2013, Geneva, Switzerland

FerMUN organizers,
Student delegates,
Ladies and gentlemen,

Since we last met, you’ve been working very hard on your negotiations, and on drafting your Resolutions.

Many of you have also been carrying out very valuable support functions, including interpretation, document translation, and liaison between the work of the various Committees.

Some of you have been writing articles, taking pictures and managing the layout and production of this excellent ‘MUNgazine’, which will serve as a wonderful reminder of your experience at FerMUN13.

Others have been working with ITU’s own video team to produce the fantastic closing video that we watched at the start of this session.

From what I have seen over the webcast and heard from my own staff who have been following the conference, the quality of your debates has been exceptionally high.

I hope this is at least partly because the issues you have been discussing around ICTs have been particularly meaningful to all of you, as the world’s first truly hyper-connected generation.

As I said at the opening ceremony on Wednesday, this FerMUN conference is particularly special because your ideas, views and suggestions will feed directly into the content of a real UN meeting around youth issues, to be held in September this year.

We are hoping some of you might be able to join us for that event, to highlight the great work you have done here at ITU and help drive the ongoing debate.

For the moment, however, let me get down to my final and very important task for this conference– and that is to draw the two winners of the Samsung Galaxy tablets from the entries submitted by student visitors to ITU’s ICT Discovery museum.

I’d like the two winners to please join me here on the podium, where Josh Choi, our ICT Discovery curator, will be delighted to present you with your prizes.

And with that, thank you all once again for gracing ITU headquarters with your presence this week, thank you to our Secretary-General Maria Gomez de Olea and our General Assembly President Charlotte Marie, thank you to the exceptional FerMUN organizing team led by Mme Baudry, M. Launay and Mr Sammons, and let me wish you all ‘bon retour’ and very best of luck for your future studies.

Bon weekend!