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Speech by ITU Secretary-General, Dr Hamadoun I. Touré
WHO Joint Commissions Event


26 September 2012, New York, USA

Distinguished colleagues,
Ladies and gentlemen,

It is a great pleasure to be with you here today for this WHO Joint Commissions Event.

I was personally most honoured to be able to play a role in the Commission on Information and Accountability for Women and Children’s Health, acting as co-Vice-Chair, along with Margaret Chan.

I would therefore like to thank the coordinators and the team behind the Commission for the great work they have done – and in particular Dr Flavia Bustreo, who is with us here today and without whom we could not have achieved anything like as much as we did.

The complementary areas of e-health and m-health continue to be growing priorities for ITU, and our membership has been very active in putting forward health-related resolutions at our major institutional conferences – resolutions which have received strong support from all quarters.

This strengthened mandate has allowed us to reinforce our e-health and m-health activities.

We do this in the Development Sector, of course, but also at a more technical level – through standardization and interoperability initiatives, for example, as well as working to ensure that there is sufficient spectrum available for the mobile and wireless applications without which e-health and m-health would be impossible.

These activities are aimed to address specific challenges, including:
  • The information-driven health system transformation process;
  • The development of global e-health standards;
  • The development of e-health strategies and solutions; and
  • Advancing the establishment of ICT infrastructures for health.
Ladies and gentlemen,

Let me close these very brief remarks by mentioning the new report that we have prepared – at the request of iERG – which is entitled ‘Mapping ICTs for the recommendations of the Commission for Accountability on Women’s and Child Health’.

This report describes the powerful capacity of ICTs to support the achievement of recommendation three of this Commission by 2015, and the role of ICTs and innovation within the other nine recommendations.

In closing, therefore, let me say how proud I am of what we have already achieved together, and how much I am looking forward to seeing further progress in this very important area.

Thank you.