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Speech by ITU Secretary-General, Dr Hamadoun I. Touré

Radiocommunication Advisory Group

8 June 2011, Geneva, Switzerland

Chairman, Vice-Chairmen, Directors, distinguished delegates, ladies and gentlemen,

It is a great pleasure to be here with you this morning to open the 18th meeting of the Radiocommunication Advisory Group.

This is the last meeting of the RAG during this period until the next Radiocommunication Assembly in 2012, and I would like to indicate my appreciation of the work carried out by the RAG management team, under the leadership of
Mr. Jean-Baptiste Yao, your Chairman.

This RAG meeting will give advice to the newly elected Director of BR, François Rancy, who, I am sure, will fully appreciate and take into account your counsel and recommendations.
From your busy agenda, I see that RAG will consider the results of the 2010 Plenipotentiary Conference held in Guadalajara.

The approved Strategic and Financial Plans for the Union provide us with a clear framework for the implementation of the goals and objectives defined by the membership; several other decisions have a bearing on ITU-R activities and need consideration of this advisory group.

The new team of elected officials has demonstrated a great deal of unity and cooperation, and more than ever, we see the Bureaux and the General Secretariat working together to optimize the use of resources within the spirit of “One ITU” – and indeed One UN.

As you know, we are now preparing for the Council, which will approve the Union’s budget for 2012-2013: the initial consideration of the financial situation indicates that we all need to strive towards further improving working efficiency and streamlining processes in order to be able to accommodate all the needs and aspirations of our members.

In this context, the Radiocommunication Sector is entering a critical busy period with the holding of the RA and WRC in early 2012. The challenge of leading these two major events towards successful outcomes, I am sure, will be efficiently met by the Director, Mr Rancy.
The period we are starting now is not only challenging but very exciting, as the Union will be tackling issues of crucial importance to the membership:
  • ITU Telecom World will be celebrating its 40th anniversary event at the end of October. As a key event for the global ICT sector, the 2011 edition will be innovative and will provide an opportunity to generate synergies on key issues in the agenda of WRC-12.
  • The ITU involvement in the work of the Broadband Commission for Digital Development is demonstrating its usefulness in helping to achieve its mission to promote the adoption of broadband-friendly practices and policies so that all the world’s people can take advantage of the benefits of broadband, particularly with the use of wireless solutions. I have just returned from Paris, where we held the third meeting of the Broadband Commission; the fourth meeting will be held here in Geneva at the same time as ITU Telecom World and will feature a Global Broadband Leadership Summit.
  • ITU is promoting transformative solutions that can ensure a sustainable future, which is translated in our continuing efforts to encourage green ICT applications, raising awareness of the role of ICTs, and in particular wireless systems, to monitor, mitigate and adapt to the effects of climate change. I take this opportunity to thank BR for its support to the 6th ITU Symposium on ICTs, the Environment and Climate Change, which will take place in July in Accra, Ghana.

Let me therefore conclude by wishing you all a very fruitful meeting. I am looking forward to hearing from you on the outcomes of this meeting, which will be an invaluable guidance to the Director, BR and to the whole Radiocommunication Sector.

Thank you.