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Speech by ITU Secretary-General, Dr Hamadoun I. Touré

Conference Preparatory Meeting 2011 (CPM11-2)

25 February 2011, Geneva, Switzerland

Mr. Nalbandian, Chairman of the 2011 Conference Preparatory Meeting,
Mr. Zhao, Deputy Secretary-General,
Mr. Rancy, Director of the Radiocommunication Bureau,
Mr. Sanou, Director of BDT,
Ladies and gentlemen,

After two weeks of intensive deliberations, you have succeeded in approving the Report of the CPM to WRC-12. I believe that you must all be feeling a great sense of satisfaction that is only possible for those who have been through such a demanding period of work. I would like to congratulate you for this notable achievement.

Over these two weeks, CPM11-2 addressed a variety of spectrum-related matters dealing with the future development of radiocommunications, enabling convergence and coordination of all radio services.

The global management of the radio-frequency spectrum and satellite orbits is essential to extend the reach of information and communication technologies to all corners of the world. This is a critical step forward in promoting the rollout of broadband services worldwide. The consensus reached on the Report of the CPM to WRC-12 2 indicates the importance attached to the process by the ITU’s membership.

Also, the increase by about 10% of the participation at CPM11-2, compared to CPM07-2, illustrates the extent of interest in the matters to be discussed.
Mr. Chairman, I am pleased to note that CPM11-2 reached consensus on possible methods to address a number of issues on the WRC-12 Agenda dealing with, for example, Earth observation systems used for monitoring climate change and weather forecasting as well as other systems for air navigation, air traffic management and radiodetermination by satellite.
The Second Session of the CPM represented a challenge for the ITU support team because of the necessity to process in such a short period a considerable volume of documentation in the six Official ITU languages. You, the membership, managed to complete your coordination and negotiation activities on time and in turn, our support teams managed to meet the deadlines required. To underline this achievement, it should be noted that for this meeting, more than 300 documents were processed, representing more than 25 000 pages in all the six languages. Moreover, the interpretation facilities were implemented successfully and used in an efficient manner.

This meeting was without doubt a great success and represents a big step forward in the preparations for WRC-12.

I have to add another important factor of the success. We had a unique Chairman; his personal interventions at every stage of the meeting, in those difficult technical, regulatory or procedural areas, solved problems where difficulties were experienced. With his personal influence, his competence, his patience and his fairness, Mr. Nalbandian contributed to the resolution of many problems, including some of a rather delicate nature.

Armed with the important results of this meeting, I wish you all success for the last phase of your preparations for 2012 World Radiocommunication Conference and a safe return to your homes.