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Meeting with H.E. Ma Kai, Chinese Vice-Premier

Secretary General Hamadoun I. Touré is welcomed by His Excellency Ma Kai,
Vice-Premier of P.R. China.

01 July 2014, Beijing, China

ITU Secretary-General Dr Hamadoun I. Touré met with Chinese Vice-Premier, His Excellency Ma Kai, on 1 July, as part of a programme of high-level events in Beijing and across China.

During his official visit, Dr Touré addressed delegates at the joint MIT-ITU seminar on 30 June 2014 in Yinchuan. Under the theme 'Broadband Development and Innovation Using the Internet', he stressed broadband's importance as a social and economic development enabler for advancing today's society.

"We should all be proud of the achievements already made in terms of ICT development, with the number of mobile cellular subscriptions globally rapidly approaching seven billion, and with close to three billion people online by the end of 2014. We also continue to be astonished by the extraordinary proliferation of mobile broadband, which will reach 32% global penetration by the end of this year – a number that will have almost doubled since the end of 2011, and quadrupled since the end of 2009.

"And yet there is still so much to do," he said, "with more than four billion people still offline. We need to continue rolling out infrastructure as fast as we can, and we need to make sure that it gets used to improve the lives of people everywhere."

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