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Mission to Viet Nam, 18-20 July 2011

Dr Hamadoun Touré with Prime Minister HE Nguyen Tan Dzung.

Pictured from left to right: Mr. Le Van Tuan, Chief of Radio Frequency Allocation and International Coordination Division, Radio Frequency Authority; Ms Eun-Ju Kim, Regional Director, ITU Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific; Dr Hamadoun Touré, ITU Secretary-General; H.E. Dr Le Doan Hoap, Minister, Ministry of Information and Communication (MIC), Viet Nam; Ms Quan Duy Ngan Ha, Director General, International Cooperation Department, MIC; Mr Nguyen Phong Nha, Deputy Director General, Telecommunication Department, MIC.

18-20 July 2011, Viet Nam 


A fascinating visit to Viet Nam, one of south-east Asia’s fastest developing markets for ICTs, where I had the honour of meeting with both Prime Minister H.E. Nguyen Tan Dzung, and Minister of Information and Communications H.E. Le Doan Hop, as well as leading industry figures.

Viet Nam has been making huge progress in ICT access, with the number of mobile subscriptions surpassing 154 million in 2010 – equivalent to 175 subscriptions per 100 people, and one of the highest figures in the world.


It is also highly encouraging to see that 28% of the population is already using the Internet, and I was heartened to hear about the country’s ambitious broadband roll-out plan, which aims to cover 85% of the population by 2015 and 95% by 2020. Viet Nam’s government has made ICTs a key pillar of its future development, and is already implementing Phase 2 of a wide-ranging e-government project to improve the capacity of state bodies to providing public services.