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Speeches by ITU Deputy Secretary-General, Mr Houlin Zhao

Type Date Name Place (city, country)
10/10/2014   Cyberspace-Energy-and-Development - closing Remarks.doc   Geneva, Switzerland  
2/9/2014   Internet Governance Forum-Opening-Remarks.doc   Istanbul, Turkey  
26/11/2013   Europe Regional Preparatory Meeting For WTDC-14 - Opening Speech.doc   Belgrade, Serbia  
22/11/2013   ITU Telecom World 2013 - Forum Closing Session - Closing Remarks.docx   Bangkok, Thailand  
21/11/2013   ITU Telecom World 2013 - ITU Telecom Client Meeting - Opening Remarks.doc   Bangkok, Thailand  
20/11/2013   ITU Telecom World 2013 - Investment Workshop - Opening Remarks.doc   Bangkok, Thailand  
19/11/2013   ITU telecom World 2013 - TD-LTE Technology and Spectrum Workshop - Moderator's Remarks.doc   Bangkok, Thailand  
18/11/2013   Connect Asia-Pacific Summit - Closing Remarks.docx   Bangkok, Thailand  
13/11/2013   ICT4All 2013 - Opening Speech.doc   Hammanet, Tunisia  
12/11/2013   Deuxiéme Forum International sur L'automomisation Des Jeunes Des Pays Arabes Grâce aux Nouveaux Emplois Dans le Secteur Des.docx   Hammamet, Tunisie  
12/11/2013   Second International Forum on Empowering Arab Youth Through ICT Job Opportunities.doc   Hammanet, Tunisia  
6/11/2013   ICT and Sport - Sport Integrity - A Right for Youth sport Integrity as a Universal Value for the International Community.doc   Geneva, Switzerland  
29/10/2013   Arab Regional Preparatory Meeting For WTDC-14.doc   Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain  
15/10/2013   M-Powering Development Initiative.docx   Geneva, Switzerland  
9/10/2013   Working Group on Child Online Protection (COP) - Opening Remarks.doc   Geneva, Switzerland  
7/10/2013   WSIS+10 High-level Event - Open Consultation Process - Opening Remarks.doc   Geneva, Switzerland  
7/10/2013   MIS 2013- Launch Report - Welcome Remarks.doc   Geneva, Switzerland  
2/10/2013   RPM For Africa For WTDC-14 - Opening Ceremony.doc   Accra, Ghana  
25/9/2013   ICT Summit Now 2013 - Keynote Speech.doc   Istanbul, Turkey  
6/9/2013   11Th Forum of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications.docx   Istanbul, Turkey  
20/8/2013   ITU Americas Regional Preparatory Meeting (RPM) For WTDC-14 - Opening Speech.docx   Montevideo, Uruguay  
3/7/2013   Global Symposium For Regulators - Opening Ceremony.doc   Warsaw, Poland  
4/6/2013   Telecommunication Standardization Advisory Group - Opening Address.docx   Geneva, Switzerland  
17/5/2013   ITU WSIS Forum 2013 - WSIS Action Line Facilitators Meeting - Opening Remarks.doc   Geneva, Switzerland  
15/5/2013   ITU WSIS Forum 2013 - WSIS+10 Visioning Challenge - Opening Remarks.doc   Geneva, Switzerland  
14/5/2013   Ministerial Round Table.doc   Geneva, Switzerland  
13/5/2013   ITU WSIS Forum 2013 - Country Workshop - Rwanda - Opening Remarks.doc   Geneva, Switzerland  
13/5/2013   ITU WSIS Forum 2013 - WSIS Exhibition Inauguration - Opening Remarks.doc   Geneva, Switzerland  
13/5/2013   ITU WSIS Forum 2013 - High-Level Opening Session - Opening Remarks.doc   Geneva, Switzerland  
2/4/2013   1st APT Preparatory Meeting for PP-14 and WTDC-14.docx   Seoul, Korea  
3/3/2013   ITU Regional Cybersecurity Centre Launch-Introductory Remarks.doc   Muscat, Oman  
19/2/2013   Opening Ceremony of the Regional Preparatory Meeting for the CIS.docx   Chisinau, Republic of Moldova  
15/2/2013   WSIS FORUM2013-Final Review Meeting.docx   Geneva, Switzerland  
6/2/2013   Opening Speech WTPF IEG3.docx   Geneva, Switzerland  
5/2/2013   Council Working Group on Financial and Human Resources -Opening address.docx   Geneva, Switzerland  
1/2/2013   CWG WSIS Opening Speech.doc   Geneva, Switzerland  
12/11/2012   Opening Speech on Regulatel-Berec Summit.doc   San José, Costa Rica  
5/11/2012   Spanish-Opening Session of the Multi-Stakeholder Forum on the role of Telecommunications-ICTs in Disaster Management.docx   Guatemala  
30/10/2012   Spanish-Opening Session for Regional Seminar.docx   Costa Rica  
14/10/2012   TD-LTE Technology And Spectrum Workshop.docx   Dubai, UAE  
25/9/2012   ICT Summit 2012 - Opening Remarks.doc   Tashkent, Uzbekistan  
17/9/2012   Turkmental 2012-6th Turkmenistan International Telecommunications and IT Conference.doc   Ashgabat, Turkmenistan  
12/9/2012   ICT-BPO International Conference 2012 - Opening Remarks.doc   Flic en Flac, Mauritius  
2/7/2012   Telecommunication Standardization Advisory group (TSAG) - Welcome Remarks.doc   Geneva, Switzerland  
2/7/2012   UN System Wide Action Plan-Opening Remarks.doc   Geneva, Switzerland  
25/6/2012   Radiocommunication Advisory Group (RAG)- Opening Remarks.docx   Geneva, Switzerland  
19/6/2012   Rio+20 Conference- ITU-Brazil Ministry of Communication Side Event.doc   Rio De Janeiro, Brazil  
18/6/2012   B20 Task Force on ICT and Innovation.doc   Los Cabos, Mexico  
5/6/2012   ICT INDABA 2012 - Ministerial Forum - Opening Speech.docx   Cape Town, South Africa  
4/6/2012   ICT INDABA 2012-Opening.doc   Cape Town, South Africa  
29/5/2012   AIBD Asia Media Summit-Session 1.doc   Bangkok, Thailand  
29/5/2012   Asia-Media Summit-Opening.doc   Bangkok, Thailand  
28/5/2012   ITU-AIBD-ABU Workshop.doc   Bangkok, Thailand  
14/5/2012   Sviaz Expocomm.doc   Moscow, Russian Federation  
23/3/2012   Discours du Vice-Secrétaire général en Guinée - Cérémonie de remise d'un don de 150 Ordinateurs.DOCX   Conakry, Guinea  
20/2/2012   OutGrid High Level Workshop - How E-Science can help to solve Pressing Societal Challenges.docx   Geneva, Switzerland  
15/2/2012   WSIS Forum 2012 - Final Review Meeting.docx   Geneva, Switzerland  
14/2/2012   Second Meeting of UN Focal Points on CyberCrime and CyberSecurity.doc   Geneva, Switzerland  
9/12/2011   Opening Remarks ASEAN TELMIN and ITU.docx   Nay Pyi Taw, Republic of the Union of Myanmar  
21/11/2011   Internet Centre for blind people.docx   Yerevan, Republic of Armenia  
26/10/2011   ITU Telecom World 2011 - Digital Cities Conference.doc   Geneva, Switzerland  
26/10/2011   ITU Telecom World 2011 - Ministerial Roundtable on Climate Change.doc   Geneva, Switzerland  
10/10/2011   Council Working Group on WSIS.doc   Geneva, Switzerland  
21/9/2011   Regional Preparatory Meeting for WRC12.docx   Dubai, United Arab Emirates  
20/9/2011   Joint ITU-AICTO Workshop on Interoperability of IPTV in the Arab Region.docx   Dubai, United Arab Emirates  
13/9/2011   UN-CEB-ICT-Network, InfoSec-Special Interest Group Symposium.docx   Geneva, Switzerland  
8/7/2011   ITU Asia-Pacific Regional Multi-Stakeholder Forum on Emergency Telecommunications.doc   Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia  
30/6/2011   Launch of the WIPO Global Innovation Index.docx   Geneva, Switzerland  
29/6/2011   ITU Telecommunication Development Advisory Group (TDAG).doc   Geneva, Switzerland  
20/6/2011   Mission to Tajikistan.doc   Tajikistan  
15/6/2011   Global E-sustainability Initiative (GESI) - General Assembly.docx   Geneva, Switzerland  
25/5/2011   Council Working Group on WSIS, May 2011.doc   Geneva, Switzerland  
23/5/2011   Conference on Science and Technology for development.doc   Geneva,Switzerland  
20/5/2011   WSIS Forum 2011- Action Line Facilitators meeting.doc   Geneva, Switzerland  
19/5/2011   UNGIS Working Level Meeting.doc   Geneva, Switzerland  
18/5/2011   WSIS Forum 2011 Innovation for digital inclusion.doc   Geneva, Switzerland  
17/5/2011   WMO Congress High Level Segment - Ministerial Segment.doc   Geneva, Switzerland  
16/5/2011   WSIS Forum 2011 - High Level Segment.doc   Geneva, Switzerland  
16/5/2011   WSIS Forum High Level Opening.doc   Geneva, Switzerland  
13/5/2011   LDC IV Plenary Policy Statement.doc   Istanbul, Turkey  
10/5/2011   Svjaz Expocomm.doc   Moscow, Russia  
9/5/2011   LDC IV Interactive Thematic Debate.doc   Istanbul, Turkey  
18/4/2011   WSIS Forum 2011 Executive Briefing.docx   Geneva, Switzerland  
8/4/2011   GLO1 Submarine Cable Launch Ceremony.doc   Accra, Ghana  
8/3/2011   LDC IV–PRE-Conference Event.doc   Geneva, Switzerland  
24/2/2011   WSIS Forum 2011 Preparatory Meeting.docx   Geneva, Switzerland  
8/2/2011   TSAG,Telecommunication Standardization Advisory Group 2011.docx   Geneva, Switzerland  
6/12/2010   WRS-10, World Radiocommunication Seminar 2010.doc   Geneva, Switzerland  
4/12/2010   IST-10, International Symposium on Telecommunications 2010.doc   Tehran, Iran  
23/11/2010   RCC, Regional Commonwealth in the Field of Communications.doc   Baku, Azerbaijan  
10/11/2010   ICT4All Forum, Opening Ceremony.docx   Hammamet, Tunisia  
8/11/2010   6th Korea Communications Conference.doc   Seoul, Korea  
14/10/2010   Introductory remarks, Accessible ICTs for persons with disabilities.docx   Guadalajara, Mexico  
19/7/2010   Indonesian International Rountable on the Convergence and Roadmap of Indonesian ICT.doc   Jakarta, Indonesia  
16/5/2010   ICT and Urban Development Forum, ICT and Education Session.doc   Ningbo, China  
12/5/2010   WSIS Forum 2010, High Level Debate Cybersecurity and Cyberspace.docx   Geneva, Switzerland  
12/5/2010   WSIS Stocktaking Report 2010.docx   Geneva, Switzerland  
11/5/2010   WSIS Forum, High-Level Debate “Broadband Applications for Tomorrow”.docx   Geneva, Switzerland  
7/4/2010   Presentation Globalizing Trend China Mobile Internet.ppt   Beijing, China  
17/3/2010   Presentation UNCTAD, Telecommunication Services and Latest Developments in Regulatory and Institutional Frameworks.ppt   Geneva, Switzerland