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A lot can change in a week. And that's certainly been the case for ICT regulatory policy in the United States, where a new FCC Chairman and new lawsuits against Qualcomm could change key industry dynamics. Also, Samsung reports its best quarter in three years - and could you trust a robot to be your co-worker? Read on.


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ICTs help refugees stay healthy: Co-creators of an innovative project to provide ICT-enabled medical services to refugees in Germany are now looking to scale up the project.

ICT Trends

Regulatory policy: Apple's new USD 1 billion lawsuit against Qualcomm follows last week's FTC lawsuit over the chipmaker's licensing practices. It highlights a growing trend of similar lawsuits and regulatory rulings across continents. How will this impact a mobile industry in search of margins after the flattening of smartphone growth?

More regulatory policy! Ajit Pai has been appointed Chairman of the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC), a move being celebrated by big telcos. He is expected to roll back net neutrality rules and push an agenda of deregulation, which could remove hurdles to proposed mega-mergers such as the AT&T-Time Warner deal. ICT regulators worldwide will be watching. 


Infrastructure sharing: The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India is calling for mandatory infrastructure sharing. Also, several telecoms leaders gathered at the recent ITU Telecom World agreed that new models of infrastructure sharing were key to enabling them to focus on new products and services.

Multimedia content: We keep talking about content, but that's because the massive developments just keep coming. This week, US telco giant Sprint announced that it is acquiring 33% of Tidal, the music streaming service launched by Hip Hop mogul Jay Z. It's the latest example of rapid ICT-media convergence.



India-based Practo, a startup that helps consumers locate doctors and healthcare information, has closed a $55 million Series D funding round led by Chinese Internet giant Tencent. Jon Russell explains why it is important to watch how this investment may fuel an expansion into more emerging markets.

Trust and robots: Artificial intelligence (AI) could soon move from being a tool to a teammate, say experts, but could we trust robots to be co-workers? "There needs to be a system and ... a scale [of robot trustworthiness] so there can be standards and regulations," writes Graham Templeton.

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