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ITU released its annual ICT Facts and Figures report this week. Meanwhile, there are a number of important developments regarding digital finance, rural ICT infrastructure, digital health and gender equality in tech -- and more. Read on.


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Gender equality in tech: Will Uber's new women executives bring reform? What has worked for other tech companies?

ICT Trends

Digital finance: Chinese search giant Baidu's new partnership with PayPal shows how the real fight for Chinese mobile payments isn’t taking place in China. Meanwhile, Baidu's profit jumps as focus its on mobile and AI narrows. Also, read how mobile money is only just starting to transform African economies.

Digital financial inclusion: Last week, the World Bank Group, ITU and CPMI launched the ‘Financial Inclusion Global Initiative.’ The three-year programme focuses on three different “model” developing countries – China, Egypt and Mexico.


Rural ICT infrastructure: BT has proposed an investment of up to £600 million to provide at least 10Mbit/s broadband services to remote parts of the United Kingdom. Improving rural broadband is also a key part of a massive infrastructure bill in the United States. The rural-urban digital divide, however, is often more pronounced in developing countries. But a new ITU international standard for lightweight optical cable could help provide a lower-cost, “do-it-yourself” solution that helps better connect people, even in the world’s most remote areas.



Innovation hubs are becoming more protective than innovative, as they suffer from the 'innovators dilemma,' argues Vikram Jandhyala.

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